God's Creation and Death

It is described in Mahabharata..Bhagwan Prajapati was in blissful mood; one after another creations were taking shape, strange and mystifying, more and more. There was creation all around on the earth, no dissipation, no death. And then, his ears were sensitised by a faint, agonising sound. He was alerted. And then his nostrils perceived an obnoxious odour. He looked towards his creation. He looked around and was dumbfounded. A major part of his creation had turned pale, crude, fragile and degenerate. Numerous organisms were crowding the face of the earth. Cluttered by nature even though unexpressive and blank. The weary planet was groaning under the unbearable load. And this abhorrent smell? This abhorrent odour was born out of the body of the old, weary creation!

Prajapati Brahma sat in meditation to find out remedy. Distorted curves appeared on his forehead And then all of a sudden his face became crooked for no reason. As if the bright sunny sky got covered with cloud from nowhere. And a shadow like form came out of his body. In due course the form transformed into a female body. Sorrel hair, sorrel. eyes sorrel complexion ornaments of lotus seeds on neck and arms Ochre clothes on the body. She bowed before Prajapati and asked him, “Father! who am I? What is my duty? For what purpose you have created me?”

Bhagwan Prajapati,said, “ You are my daughter. You are death. You are created on this earth for destruction. This is your karma.”

The feminine element was startled, She exclaimed anguishingly, “How could you appoint your daughter for such a cruel assignment? Is this an acceptable karma for a woman? How can my graceful tender soul bear with such cruelty?”

Lord replied smilingly,” I am helpless. I am the creator. so I am obliged to do it.”

Death protested, “I cannot do it.”

Lord persisted, “You have to.”

Death undertook penance.. It was to be a very severe penance..

Lord came-- “ Ask for your boon.”

She said, “Spare me from this cruel act.”

Lord went back, “No”

She resumed her austere penance. This time it was still more intense. Lord came again. She asked for the same boon, “Father, Relieve me from this savage karma.”

Prajapati gestured his dissent by body movement., “NO, it is not possible.”

Death, the daughter, kept standing for prolonged period. Then she resumed her penance.

This time it was more agonising than the severest one. Lord Brahma was obliged to come again. She again asked for the same boon. This time her lips trembled, Tears flowed down her eyes. Brahma was taken aback. He immediately brought his two palms together below her face to form a cup so that the tears do not fall on the earth. He said, “Darling daughter!The creation will get incinerated as soon as your tears fall on it.

Within a few moments, those tear drops got transformed into several crooked forms. Lord said, “They are your companions. They are diseases They are your own creations.”

Death implored, “” But being a woman, how can I accept a husband from his wife’s bedside? How can I snatch a child intertwined with his mother by thirty-two neurons? THe sacrilege of this evil act.. ?

Lord interrupted, “ You would be beyond all these sins or otherwise. Sin would not tough you.. Their karma. would be call you through these ailments. Man will invite diseases by extravagance,Intemperance, , corruption,adultery etc. You will provide him freedom from this agony; peace from suffering., Regenerated life after the existing wretched one!”

But! ,She implored , “ Grieving parents, wife, sons and daughters would be crying inconsolably. It would be an agonising scene to witness. I would not be able to stand.”

Lord said, You will not have to see all this. You will be sightless, blind.”

She said, “And their wailing! mournful crying of women?!”

Lord interrupted, “ You would be deaf. No sound would be audible to you.”

And since then death is blind and deaf . She moves by holding the hands of diseases. The movement is,of course , controlled and regulated by the rule of time. A person who has completed his time, has to go. But then there is untimely death too.

Man invites premature and untimely death by his evil karma.


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