The First?

“Then nothingness was not, nor existence then,
Nor air nor depths, nor heavens beyond their ken,
What covered it? Where was it? In whose keeping?
In unfathomed folds, was it cosmic water seeping?
Then there was no life, no birth, no death
Neither night nor day, not wind not breath,
At last, One sighed – a  self-sustained Mother,

There was that One then – and none, none other.
Then there was darkness wrapped in darkness’
Was this unlit water, unseen, dry, wetless?
That One which came to be, enclosed in naught,
Arose, who knows how, from the power of what!

But after all, who knows and who can say
Who, how, why, whence began creation’s day?
Gods came after creation; did they not?
So who knows truly, whence it was wrought!

Does the First Mother herself know, now?
Did She create, or was She created somehow;
She, who surveys from heavens, above us all,
She knows – or maybe She knows not at all.
Did She herself create the One God?
And gladly gave Him the Creator’s Rod!
But so refashioned Time and Space
That He was more and She was Less?
Did She turn future into past?
So he came first and She was last?

But surely, She told Him all, all!
Then how could He not know at all?

A portion of a Rig Veda Hymn of Creation, describing the beginnings, as then believed:
(From "The Return of the Aryans", by Dr. Bhagwan S Gidwani)

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Nasadiya: The Creation Hymn of Rig Veda by Wendy Dongier O'Flaherty


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Comment The questioning of creation… Did She turn future into past, so He came first and She was last… I love that.
Maybe Mother is the silence
While Father is the sound
Maybe Father finds the lost
While Mother…frees the found…
I’m inspired, thank you

30-Mar-2024 23:19 PM

Comment The universe as we see must have come from some components perhaps of their subatomic type of substance Contained, engulfed and self engineered by that ONE..As To who that ONE is the mystery perhaps only that can be realized by the greats such as Shankaracharya, Ramanuja or Madhwamuni and others, who have Enlightened Us by interpretation of Vedas and scriptures..
We wouldn't be studying this course if there was no mysticism. Hopefully the course May Enlighten us..
Sanath Kumar

Sanath Kumar
15-Feb-2024 12:41 PM

Comment Fascinating commentary of Rigveda.
An ordinary thinking person like me questions as to how this universe came into existence from non existence if any. There simply seems no definite answer.
Here is where one of the first tenets of Hinduism may come into play. Shraddha, a descipline of devotion and faithas the 1st step, sans scientific method of proof.
Just like we are taught Zero "0", what was before zero would have no answer. One should believe "0", progress to1 and forward.
Sanath Kumar

Sanath Kumar
04-Feb-2024 09:55 AM

Comment the wonder about creation, the question deep within, why, how, when, without answers just pure awe

Nathalie Hosp
16-Jan-2023 03:25 AM

Comment Very enlightening piece. The mystery of the existence or non-existence.

Ganga Gautam
08-Jun-2022 10:42 AM

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