Top 5 Agile Certifications You Can Earn with ExamSnap


Customer satisfaction, continuous software development, teamwork during project execution and a good working environment are some of the principles making the Agile Methodology popular. So what is Agile Methodology? It involves management of a project or process by a team. The project is usually broken down into several manageable stages. This process involves working with stakeholders while ensuring continuous improvement as well as iteration at each stage. The intention is to ensure that the end product meets the expectations of a customer and addresses their needs. Some of the Agile methods include Agile Scrum, Kanban, Lean, Extreme Programming (XP), Crystal, Test-Driven Development (TDD) and SAFe Agile. This approach has led to many career opportunities for those who want to take an active role during these processes. Here are the top 5 Agile Certifications that you can earn today. In this article, you’ll know why to check ExamSnap website for getting the most valid preparation material.

1. PMI ACP Certification

Project Management Institute (PMI) offers the candidates one of the leading Agile based credentials known as Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP). The PMI ACP certification covers varied Agile approaches. They include Kanban, Scrum, XP, and TDD. It focuses on the importance of having organizations apply Agile practices in successfully executing their projects. One must go through training and successfully pass their exams to demonstrate that they have the hands-on skills and experience in applying the Agile methodologies.

PMI-ACP Certification Highlights

  • Prerequisites: 2,000 hours of project experience with teams, 1,500 hours using Agile methodologies or working with project teams, and 21 hours of Agile practices related training
  • Exam Preparation: Training courses, study guides, and practice tests from ExamSnap
  • Exam Cost: US$435 for members and US$495 for non-members
  • Every three years you need to gain 30 Professional Development Units (PDUs) on Agile based topics

2. APMG International Certifications

APM Group (APMG) is an international accreditation organization that offers various Agile certifications. They ensure that professionals and organizations maximize their potential in ensuring efficiency through adoption of the latest Agile methodologies. These professionals understand the key concepts, principles, and processes that lead to success in Agile projects. The APMG Agile certifications include:

  • Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA)
  • Agile Digital Services (AgileDS)
  • Agile Program Management (AgilePgM)
  • Agile Project Management (AgilePM)

APMG International Certification Highlights

  • Foundation level exams are closed-book while the Practitioner ones are open-book. Only a DSDM handbook is allowed for the open-book exams
  • ExamPreparation: Self-study, training courses by IPMG Accredited Trainers and ExamSnap exam dumps
  • Exam Fee: Exam fee depends on the certification level and location. The foundation level exam fee is from £231 and the practitioner level exam fee is from £350

3. SAFe Scaled Agilist Certification

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is a certification program that ensures reliability and consistency in the assessment of SAFe knowledge, skills, and mindset. The certification scheme is offered by SAFe Agile Inc. It prepares professionals to help organizations successfully transform their processes. This is done by adopting the Lean Agile standards for enterprise. The focus is on change, productivity, and visibility among other things necessary in an Agile environment. Agile is all about a mindset. 

SAFe Scaled Agilist Certification Highlights

  • The program has eleven Agile certifications that include Certified SAFe Practitioner, Certified SAFe Scrum Master, Certified SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager, Certified SAFe Government Practitioner, Certified SAFe Agile Software Engineer, and Certified SAFe for Architects among others.
  • Training course attendance required
  • Exam Preparation: Scaled Agile recommended courses, study guides, and practice tests
  • Exam fee included in the training cost
  • Exam Retake: $50
  • Passing exam leads to earning a Certified PDF certificate and a Digital Badge
  • Renewal: After one year
  • Renewal Fee: $100 for all certifications except Certified SAFe for Architects and Certified SAFe Release Train Engineer at $295 each, and SAFe Program Consultant at $895

4. Scrum Alliance Certifications

Adopting effective methods of executing projects and other processes will take your business or organization to a new level through improved performance. As a leader in software development, Scrum Alliance helps you understand what Agile methodologies entail and what your role as an Agile professional is all about. Scrum Alliance credentials help foster collaboration, efficiency and success among members of a team.

Scrum Alliance Certification Highlights

  • The certification program consists of four tracks that include the Scrum Master Track, Product Owner Track, Developer Track and Guide-Level Track
  • One must take a compulsory course and an online exam before getting the certification
  • The training course includes exam fee
  • Exam Preparation: Take a compulsory course by a Scrum Certified Trainer, use eBooks, Scrum eLearning series, and practice tests
  • Certification Renewal: Every two years

5. Certified Agile Project Manager (IAPM)

The IAPM or the International Association of Project Managers is a global organization that certifies candidates to help them build a successful career of project managers. IAPM ensures competence in project management by implementing exams and credentials in this field. This is done through guidelines and training that adhere to best practices and standards for project management. The Certified Agile Project Manager certification is for candidates with foundational Agile project management knowledge. Some other Agile credentials offered by IAPM are the following:

  • Certified Junior Agile Project Manager
  • Certified Agile Senior Manager
  • Certified International Manager

Certified Agile Project Manager Certification Highlights

  • Focuses on the soft and hard project management knowledge
  • Online exam
  • Questions are based on the Agile PM Guide 2.0
  • You can take a self-test at a cost of about $122 if you’re from the US. Costs vary from one location to another. This test helps to check your knowledge gaps.
  • Exam Fee: It depends on a candidate’s location or country. For example, the exam fee for the US-based candidates is approx. $650, while a candidate from India would pay about $95.
  • Exam Prep: One can use IAPM recommended literature, training course, and practice tests among others.
  • Recertification isn’t necessary

Final Thoughts

A successful career in an Agile environment requires an Agile certification. Experts and organizations in the project management industry have continued to adopt Agile based practices in the administration as well as supervision of their projects. To meet these industry standards and needs, certifications in various Agile approaches and structures are now a necessity. The only way you can play an active role in this field is to get a certification. The good news is earning your Agile certification isn’t hard anymore. By implementing the best prep strategies like using training courses and ExamSnap study resources, you’ll earn your certification and boost your career.


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