At Houston Modi holds Trump in Thrall

Narendra Modi has done it once again!

He came, he spoke, he conquered !

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has won the hearts of the people who gathered in NRG Stadium and outside   with his charismatic presence, frank and forthright views expressed most fearlessly, with an un-paralleled  authority never witnessed hither to.

The way he entered the arena, interacted with the representatives gathered on the stage set the tone for the proceedings to unfurl in the most dignified manner diligently devised. Spontaneity is the forte of Narendra Modi. He knows the way to mesmerise people before making them accept his contention most candidly, ungrudgingly. His eloquence is extraordinary, nuances of presentation numerically inconceivable, ability to drive home his point directly without mincing words splendid. Master of mass psychology, he shrewdly reels out facts and figures so comfortably, so convincingly none dares question him.

Narendra Modi welcomed Donald Trump, the American President in the most lovable, pleasant manner and the  latter was immediately impresed beyond bounds. The resounding response from the gathering to every valid point unravelled by Modi was proof enough to show how they lapped up every word he spoke as though nectar was dripping from them.

Slowly Modi started his speech with the achievements of his government, with out employing  the expression 'my government', during the first term and after the recent elections in India. Swatch Bharat, Vikas, empowering women and weaker sections, infrastructure development, economic upsurge in spite of unfavourable indicators, triumph of the concept of unity amidst diversity , alleviation of troubles of those below poverty line and gently moved on to the most crucial yet deftly to be handled area of safe guarding and strengthening borders to preserve the nation’s sovereignty. When he stated that those responsible for 9/11 devastation in America and 26/11 attacks in India took refuge in a place known to all, he gently unveiled the issues to be raised further.

Modi then onwards spoke at his best in garnering support for all concerns dear to him and meant to strengthen India. When he referred to abrogation of article 370 , the response is seen to be believed. He also assured the gathering there of Indian origin that his government will stand by them and resolve all their issues through the Pravas Barathiya centres located in countries away from India.

After his triumphant speech to woo and win hearts of the people and Donald Trump in particular, he held hand of Trump and went around the parts of the stands where people were standing to greet them and spread good will.Donald Trump followed him like a bosom friend and greeted people and won their hearts too.

Narendra Modi has once again proved what a great leader India has elected as the Prime Minister with a resounding majority in the elections conducted in 2019.He has grown in stature inconceivably and has shaped himself slowly, gently into a statesman.Donald Trump himself referred to Radical Islamic Terrorism and the need to end it, so as to establish peace in the world. Narendra Modi's visit and speech in Houston testify to  his remarkable leadership qualities and acumen to win friends every where!


More by :  Dr. T. S. Chandra Mouli

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Comment Dear Mouli, You've captured the dazzle, gusto, spirit, purpose and impact of the mega meet. One wonders how NaMo manages things with such a finesse, even while always being on the move and hectic to the hilt. It only proves that he 24/24 thinks only of the country, of the people, constantly distills his political sagacity, is endowed with a photographic memory. And he responded to "Howdy, Modi" in every major Indian language without having a piece of paper before him. Long live NaMo!

AtreyaSarma U
24-Sep-2019 21:38 PM