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Skills and Start Competing in the IT Industry

Steady Reform

What sets the tone for a prosperous IT career? Well, according to the newest research, quality training, and valued certifications. It was found that certified employees were better able to comprehend the latest & complex technologies and communicate these in an easy-to-understand manner to co-workers and authorities. This is why CompTIA came up with their global ‘Authorized Partner Program’. Under this initiative, professional training institutions that teach CompTIA certification courses will start operating as a subsidiary of CompTIA itself. The program comes packed with benefits that will help such training-organizations further promote IT badges, as well as increase IT job opportunities for their learners; the latter having the potential to accommodate the newborn job roles that spring up so often thanks to rising technology. The partnering bodies will receive funds from CompTIA in order to devise their marketing tactics and the right to offer exam vouchers at a discount to students. CompTIA will also help these parties with promotional areas such as demand generation, advertising, and sales; as well as giving them privileged access to CompTIA’s IT community. This move by CompTIA will inevitably bring forth a wave of qualified people who are better equipped to handle the sophisticated technology underpinning our efficient and ever-expanding world economy.

Behold, A+ Credential

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, CompTIA can give you the certs you need to squeeze the most out of IT. To do this involves defeating some of their challenging exams. If you belong to the “I’m new here. Where do I start?” list, then the entry-level badge you need to be sprinting towards is the CompTIA A+. This is a full breadth cert whose coursework takes you through all the common yet crucial technologies used by businesses worldwide. Such a delve into diverse devices also means the A+ credential gears you up for a wide variety of job roles as a Help Desk Technician, Field Service Technician, Service Desk Analyst, and Associate Network Engineer, to name a few.

To capture this A+ certification means spearing two CompTIA exams, 220-1001 & 220-1002 by codes, which chew on topics like networking and operating systems. 675 points out of a thousand means striking the first test down; whereas you’ll need a sharp 700 grades to pin the other one. The content of each assessment is rather rare, because it evaluates candidates using multiple choice, drag and drop, and performance-based questions (PBQs) which test the examinee’s ability to carry out a particular task or to solve a complex scenario. Each exam will cost you $226 and can grow to a shocking-maximum of 90 questions to be completed within 90 minutes, and you’ll be recommended to have 9-12 months of practical expertise in the lab or out in the field if you’re aspiring to bag the rewarding credential. The A+ being vendor-neutral means you won’t be stuck hunting businesses that use IT products from just one particular brand; instead, you have the option to target and hit any firm you please.

Takeaway: 7 Worthy Skills

Now let’s look at the top 7 aptitudes that the CompTIA A+ certification looks to chisel into you:

  1. You will develop the gift to amply handle various IT & networking infrastructures, and also be able to explain central ideas concerning them such as SOHO, TCP/IP, and WIFI.
  2. Security is a major element. You’ll become enlightened on concepts related to logical/physical security and preventative steps against malware. Pretty soon you’ll be pinpointing security vulnerabilities in networks and devices, and taking measures to protect them.
  3. Internet of Things (IoT) has been growing in popularity lately and is quickly solidifying its place in the IT sector. As such, because of what the syllabus for the A+ teaches you, you will acquire the capability to configure the hardware devices involved in IoT. You’ll be able to configure PCs, laptops, and other mobile gadgets too.
  4. You will possess a fine-tuned flair when working with a vast range of Operating Systems including Chrome OS, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. In addition to that, you’ll be the master at client-centric & cloud-centric (SaaS) software.
  6. The discussion of “cloud-computing” is rooted in many concepts and theories, but you will be that someone who is proficient at comparing the similarities and differences between all of these notions. And by the time you’re done with the A+ syllabus, you’ll finesse at setting up client-side virtualization.
  7. You will have honed the steps involved in troubleshooting berserk system behavior and technicalities, all the while using apt approaches that will help document the process and manage the change.
  8. In the end, you’ll have a knack for effective data storing & managing; as well as display artistry when it comes to data backup and recovery.

Endeavor Brewing

The impetus you need to be well on your way to acquiring such a talented skillset comes from none other than CompTIA itself. Test-takers can register for CompTIA’s instructor-led training where each instructor holds the credential they are teaching and has profound real-world IT experience. The learners can take advantage of the two-way communication that comes along with this option; seizing the moment to ask the teacher to clarify fuzzy gaps in knowledge or partake in detailed discussions on the topic.

We have more good news for you: you can renew your A+ cert every three years to stay current in the IT industry. So what’s stopping you? Capitalize on these instructor-led classes to penetrate exams 220-1001 & 220-1002, and to take hold of what is rightfully yours: this CompTIA A+ badge.


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