Configuring X-Windows - 2

You now have to configure specific video card settings for your video card. Make your selection out of the database after examining it. If your card is not present, don't panic. You can do without the name too. 

The next part is to choose your server. Out of the four choices available, only two are feasible. Either you choose an SVGA server or an accelerated server.

  1. SVGA server - Choose this if your graphics card is a normal, run of the mill card with no accelerating power. 

  2. Accelerated server - Choose this only if your accelerated card is supported in the database. If not you may be able to get the device drivers from the net or the vendors of your card.

Set symbolic Link when asked. You will then have to choose your server. My card is ATI Rage Pro Xpert@play. The corresponding server is accel mach 64 (mach 64 is the Chipset.) If your card is there in the list only then choose it. Don't try random guesses. Enter the amount of video RAM. Then enter the identifiers like name and vendor etc. if you really want to.

Quit Ramdac selection and take the default clock chip selection.

Now comes the part where we set the color modes. The instructions are given very clearly there. Do not choose a virtual screen larger than the physical screen.

Then write the file to the default given path by selecting yes.

One of the major problems found by me is that the default bits per pixel are 8 and this gives very bad color. The only way I know to change this is to enter the xf86config file and manually set the default color depth.

Go about it as follows -
Go to /etc/X11
Type "pico XF86Config"
Now comes the tough part. If anyone has a better way to do this then please mail me immediately.

Go to the corresponding "screen" section of the display server chosen. (Mine is "accel" so I go to the screen section of accelerated servers just after the monitor identifiers add the following line exactly as it is.)

DefaultColorDepth 24

(24 for 24 bits per pixel)
Write by using ctrl-o and exit by ctrl -x. Then type 'startx' and see the difference

The default Window Manager in Red Hat Linux is Gnome along with enlightenment. You can change the background color and do a lot more things. The window manager can also be changed. Most of this we will go into in the next few articles.


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