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Why Are We Here? - 2

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We started our journey by asking this question; why are we here for?  When we started considering this question, we reviewed our lives, measured its success and its failures, and realized that our material success did not fill us up.  We are still feeling empty.  Guru Ji told us that we are not aware of our origin or roots.  The human life is for discovery of that connection and bonding with it.

Now life has a purpose, and this can only be experienced, explored in human form.  All of a sudden, we can see the significance of human life emerging in our lives like a dawn of new day.  Guru Ji advises us that:

Maanus janam dhulambh hai jag meh khattiaa aa-e.” — (SGGS, Pg. No. 565)

Meaning:  This human birth is so precious; one must earn the right to come to this world.

Guru Ji is telling us that human form that we have now, we have earned it after wondering through countless incarnations and upward evolution.  Now that we have it, we must use it productively, as this type of opportunity does not come over and over again.  Kabir Ji has put it succinctly in these words:

Kabir mannus janam dulambh hai , hoe na baarai baar.” — (SGGS, Pg. No.1366)

Meaning:  Kabir, the human form is exceedingly difficult to obtain, and it does not just come over and over again.

Then in the next line Kabir Ji adds:

 “Jio ban fal paakae bhuae giraeh bahur na laagehi ddaar.

— (SGGS, Pg. No.1366)

Meaning:  It is like a ripe fruit on the tree, when it falls on the ground, it cannot be re-attached to the branch.

These two statements are enough to convince us that human life is a special gift and an endowment for a purpose.  So, the body becomes the vehicle for the journey.  A journey that will not take us to any new, exotic, and distant locations, or the famous tourist destinations, but instead to a destination that is right within each of us.  This destination is really so close and yet a totally unexplored terrain and a frontier.  It is for this reason that Guru Ji has compared the human body to a horse as during those days horse was the most popular mode of transportation.  Guru Ji says:

Dhaeh taejan je ram upaaeeaa raam.” — (SGGS, Pg. No. 575)

Meaning:  This body-horse was created by Lord.

So, now this body vehicle which we could compare to an automobile of today acquires a new significance and a fresh perspective.  This will change our approach to our body.  There is a new vision, and a realization of significance of keeping it in good, optimal working condition.  In today’s lifestyle automobiles have become the preferred modes of transportation, and we make special efforts to keep them in good working conditions.  We ensure that they are properly maintained, have the wheels aligned, have fuel in the gas tank so that when we need it, it won’t stall.  Same approach is now applied to the human body, and it is to be maintained in good working condition.  This cannot be compared to narcissism, as it is not falling in love with one’s own body, but a realization of significance and utility of this vehicle called human body.  However, if somebody does not maintain the vehicle but expects it to work when needed, one may be in for serious reality check.  Imagine if we have to go to a hospital in an emergency situation, and car is stalled despite all our efforts to start it. No matter how much the car is blamed it will not solve the problem.  As an owner of the vehicle we had a responsibility for the upkeep of the vehicle, and we have not taken that aspect seriously.  Same way we have a responsibility for the upkeep of this vehicle called human body, and if it not functioning when required the blame does not lie elsewhere, it lies squarely on us.

This new awareness changes the entire approach to this human body.  Even the foods and drinks that are consumed are vouched for, to ensure that they are not just healthy, nourishing, compatible to the body, but that they would not impair awareness in any way.  This new approach will change the tendency to overeat and to eat even when not hungry completely and even the habit of eating late or when getting bored will be the thing of the past.  Any food and drinks that impedes upon the upkeep of healthy body is avoided.  Same approach extends to other parts of life.  Even the body is shielded from unhealthy influences as bad music, noise, company and friends, entertainment as debasing and vulgar TV shows and movies etc.  So, essentially whatever the data is being collected by mind through ears and eyes is also vouched.  Now the body has new sacred dimension added to it and to keep it sacred takes a new commitment and a challenge. Even the objective for which the body is to be utilized has been defined by Guru Ji in these words:

“Sun sravan baanee gur vakhaanee har rung turee charraaeiaa.” — (SGGS, Pg. No. 575)

Meaning:Listen with your ears to the Word, uttered by the Guru, and attune your body-horse to the Lord's Love.

This understanding places a new awareness and responsibility towards the body.  Yet this education is not imparted by our educational institutions.  We should be thankful that Guru Ji has provided this vital insight and we can change our approach and perspective towards our own body. Guru Arjan Dev Ji has seen that how ignorant we are about the uniqueness and preciousness of the human body that he laments in these words:

Dhulabh dhaeh khoee agiaanee jarr apunee aap oupaarree jeeo.” — (SGGS, Pg. No. 105)

Meaning:  He wastes this human body, so difficult to obtain. In his ignorance, he tears up his own roots.

Let us thank our Guru about this valuable insight and let try to keep this body holy and nourish it so that it could be used as a vehicle to take us to the destination of our life’s journey.


Thought: Human life is a very precious gift

Quote:Kabir mannus janam dulambh hai , hoe na baarai baar.”
Jio ban fal paakae bhuae giraeh bahur na laagehi ddaar.
— (SGGS, Pg. No. 1366)

Meaning: Kabir, it is so difficult to obtain this human body; it does not just come over and over again.  It is like a ripe fruit on the tree; when it falls to the ground, it cannot be re-attached to the branch.

Action:I will take actions, activities in alignment with keeping my body healthy and holy.

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