Could Modi be the Ninth Avatar?

In the 11th Century C.E, when the Muslim marauders first set foot on their karma bhoomi, the Hindus, as noted by Al-Biruni, were wont to proclaim that “there is no country but theirs, no nation like theirs, no kings like theirs, no religion like theirs, and no science like theirs”. However, eight-hundred years of Islamic consolidation in their land followed by nearly two-hundred years of Christian colonization of it that eventually led to its partition saw the Hindus fall from those heights of self-belief into the valley of doubt. Thus, it was no wonder that in their freedom struggle to wriggle out of the British yoke, more Hindus preferred to head towards the gaols as pacifist Gandhi’s satyagrahis rather than to enter the battlefields as Netaji’s sainiks to kill and get killed. What is worse, India’s Macaulay Machine minted Gandhi as the peaceful conqueror of the mighty British Raj never mind Clement Attlee, who facilitated the change of guard, attributed their withdrawal to the gathering clouds of rebellion in their Indian army barracks rather than to the m-i-n-i-m-a-l influence of the non-violent Quit India movement that any way had fizzled out soon enough.

However, by then Gandhi, drunk with the adoration of the mindless multitudes, who blindly revered him as Mahatma, had truncated the Hindu edict, ahimsa paramo dharmaha / dharma himsa thadhaiva cha (nonpareil is non-violence / no less righteous violence) to preach the former, even in the face of the Islamic barbarities against the hapless Hindus. Moreover, against the age-old Hindu edict, dushta sikshana shishta rakshana (Punish the evildoer, protect the righteous), he propagated that “ Hindus should not harbour anger in their hearts against Muslims even if the latter wanted to destroy them. Even if the Muslims want to kill us all we should face death bravely. If they established their rule after killing Hindus we would be ushering in a new world by sacrificing our lives.” Further, in his unabashed Muslim appeasement, he even equated the Secular Rama with the Sectarian Allah by corrupting the original bhajan, Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram with the insertion of Ishwar Allah Tero Nam. Nevertheless, in spite of it all, Muslims destined him to hell for being kafir for the heavenly gates are opened only to the Musalmans never mind they are criminals; well it serves the stupid right.

Yet, as if to ensure his irrational tolerance to the Muslim intolerance became the new dharma of the Hindu majority India, he anointed Nehru, who vouched that “I’m English by education, a Muslim by culture, just born a Hindu by accident”, as its first Prime Minister. No wonder then that Nehru in turn appointed Maulana Abul Kalam Azad as culturally Hindu India’s first Education Minister, who picked up from where Macaulay left; indeed in the Hindu-inimical Congress dispensation it had five Muslim Education Ministers! As by then, the Macaulay mission to divest the Hindus from their “false history, false astronomy, false medicine, in company with their false religion” with the right western education was on course, the Maulana only needed to provide a loop line of the Islamic conquests in India to sidetrack the Hindu minds from the glorious empires of that time in the South of Vindhyas and elsewhere. However, as a staunch Musalman, he let his Indian Muslim Brotherhood stay put in their madrasas to remain as they were in 1871 as recorded by W. W. Hunter in The Indian Musalmans thus:

“During the last forty years they have separated themselves from the Hindus by differences of dress, of salutations, and other exterior distinctions, such as they never deemed necessary in the days of their supremacy.”

This new craving of the Indian Musalmans for separateness might have naturally led to the clamor for more madrasas for the intensification of religious education to the young things to make them more Muslim.“

Thus, as the agenda of Hindu enervation and the Muslim aggrandizement went on unabated for well over six decades, Krishna’s words in Bhagvad-Gita seemed hollow:

Wanes if good ’n vile gain reign
Know it's then that I come forth.

yadaa yadaa hi dharmasya glaanir bhavati bhaarata
abhyutthanam adharmasya tadaatmanam sá¹›ijamyaham

It’s thus I from time to time
Manifest here to uproot ill
And uphold well for public good.

paritraam vinashaaya cha dushkritaam
dharma-sansthaapanaarthaaya sambhavaami yuge yuge

Verses 7 ‘n 8 in Chapter 4 of the writer’s Bhagvad-Gta: Treatise of Self-help.

This was during his Gitopadesa to Arjuna, as the eighth avatar of Vishnu, manifested to end the vile rein of Kamsa, apart from the Kauravas, who had dethroned the righteous Pandavas by stealth. Besides egging the enervated Pandava prince to fight for the just cause, he reaffirmed the dharma of yore that he fashioned for mankind which in his own words “followed world My word for long / Lost which mankind in due course.” Having helped the Pandavas to trounce the Kauravas in the battle royale at Kurukshetra that enabled them to establish dharma rajya in Bharata Khanda, Vishnu unmanifested his avatara.

However, as time passed by in the ancient past, owing to the mundane distortions in the divine discourse that the Bhagavad-Gita is, the debilitating caste biases and the irrational ritual practices became the new norm of sanatana dharma to the immense hurt of the Hindu society as argued in the writer’s Inane Interpolations in Bhagvad-Gita (An Invocation for their Revocation). So, in time, it fell upon Siddhartha, as Gautam Buddha, to negate the twin evils that came to bedevil the polity, so to say, not as a reformer within but as a rebel without to espouse the breakaway Buddhism. Though in the end, Hinduism managed to eclipse the new religion from the land of its birth, yet it failed to fully drive away its pacifist shadows from its skies, and just the same it ridiculously absorbed its founder in its religious fold as the ninth avatar of Vishnu! So as Kalki, the tenth and the final avatar, hasn’t manifested to put an end to it all, in spite of the raging adharma, which the Hindu polity had to bear for over a millennium, the ninth slot seemed vacant yet.

But it took Antonia Maino, the Italian imposter, who, thanks to the Hindu- allergic Hindu politicians got the power on a platter with the crypto Christian name of Sonia Gandhi to necessitate a new avatar. While the Islamic marauders gloated over demolishing the Hindu temples and the Christian colonizers were content with deprecating the Hindu culture, Sonia set out to demean and debauch the Hindus in their residual land. To start with, the humiliating Deepavali midnight arrest of the venerated Jayendra Saraswati, the Shankaracharya of the exalted Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, on trumped up murder charge, though engineered by the corrupt Jayalalitha, given her vulnerability to Sonia’s political blackmail, could not have been a coincidence. Soon enough, this demonic woman conspired with the self-serving Hindus to castigate their sanatana dharma as saffron terror by foisting false cases on its ardent votaries. It is no wonder then that Rahul Gandhi, her dim-witted son, proclaimed to the world that the Hindu terrorism is far more dangerous than the Islamic terrorism itself! Besides, aided by a band of Christian cohorts, she ensured the acceleration of the evangelical activity in the country, all the while economically degrading it with unbridled graft. That she undermined India’s national security in devious ways was not a best kept secret in spite of the silence of the sold out media and the servile academia.

Then Modi, on the anti-graft and the national security planks, arrived to wrest the decade-long power from her by busting her anti-national political gang at the hustings. Backed by the public mandate, he set out to do what he could do in his first term to reverse the ant-Hindu gear in the hostile eco-system hitherto nursed by the Nehruvian cliché. So, the sight of him unfurling the Indian tricolor from the ramparts of the Mogul built Red Fort in Maharaja’s headgear was an eyesore to the Muslim Indians though they got their Pakistan all for Islam. Maybe no blaming them for the avowed goal of Islam is to make the whole world Muslim, and any way they make no secret of it though the others, more so the Hindus, pay no heed to it that is despite the unerring sound of the Ghazwa-e-Hind call in their ears. Be that as it may, at the next outing, the limited Hindu pride that his persona and policy ensued enabled him to trump the sham secularists despite their wont to foster the minority vote on religious grounds and their penchant to fester the majority franchise on the caste lines. Needles to say, to his credit, he has been trying to accelerate the vehicle of change on the Indian secular road that, however, is too bumpy for its facilitation.

So to speak, the post-partitioned India’s tom-tommed constitution, was meant, more or less, to diminish the influence of its Hindu majority and further the demographic growth of its Muslim and the Christian minorities, the faiths of whom, branding its adherents as kafirs or heathens, seek to banish Hinduism from the face of the earth. [Read the chapter Constitutional Amnesia in the writer’s Puppets of Faith: Theory of Communal Strife (A critical appraisal of Islamic faith, Indian polity ‘n more) ]. Thus as the tome has it, it’s kosher for the Musalmans to spew the Quranic venom against the non-believers in their masjids and madrasas besides publicly proclaiming through the loudspeakers in their calls for prayers that ‘there is none worthy of worship except Allah’. Likewise, the constitutional right to propagate their religion, so to say, licenses the Christians to convert the vulnerable Hindus by branding their gods as false and falsely proclaiming that they can attain salvation only through belief in the Christ. Yet, if an aggrieved Hindu (there are not may any way) were to call a spade a spade, the secular gang dubs that as ‘hate speech’ to be aired all around the world!

It’s an established fact that during the Islamic hegemony over India, some forty-thousand Hindu temples, many of which architectural wonders, were desecrated / demolished or modified as masjids, among them the holiest of the holy ones being Somnath, Ayodhya, Kashi, and Mathura (Somnath temple was rebuilt by Sardar Patel before the Nehruvian pro-Muslim ideology took roots). Later though, the self-deprecated Hindus, like the Pandavas, who sought just five villages from their land that the Kauravas had usurped, sued for peace with the Musalmans by seeking three holy shrines of Ayodhya, Kashi, and Mathura, out of thousands of usurpations; well, true to character, like the Kauravas of yore, the Musalmans of the day refused to yield none. However, to chagrin of the Musalmans, at long last, in a ‘one act play of frustration’, the Hindus pulled down the Babri Masjid built over the Rama janmabhumi in Ayodhya.

However, nothing exemplifies the Hindu plight in their ‘freed’ country in that they had to wage a long legal battle to rebuild the Mandir for Ram Lalla (infant Rama) on the very spot of his birth that was after clearing the Babri debris. That the Musalmans have been unwilling to part with the masjids in Kashi and Mathura, built over the temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna respectively, by the Islamic rulers to humiliate the Hindus betrays their supremacist ethos and the uncompromising credo. Just the same, the pseudo-seculars and the Islamapologists advocate status quo ante on the ground that there’s no way of righting the historical wrongs, which naturally brings the morality of the Indian freedom struggle, not to speak of the annexation of Goa into question. But if ‘might is right’ then the forcibly built masjids in Kashi and Mathura, and others, must yield to the Hindu might of the day.

If Modi indeed were to be the ninth avatar, besides restoring the purity of the Bhagvad-Gita by ridding it of its ritualistic as well as the casteist interpolations to usher in the Hindu renaissance and social unity, he would rectify the detrimental religious fault lines in the India-inimical constitution. Equally importantly, besides blinding the demographic eye of the Abrahamic faiths on Maa Bharati, he would ensure that they won’t foul mouth the Hindus and their dharma. If not, he could be but a half avatar meant only to make India strong so that the external developments on the anvil – the electric vehicle short-circuit in the Muslim oil wells and the Islamic strife in the Christian world – would take care of its internal problems.


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Comment Dear Dr. Jandhyala Shankar garu:
Thanks for sharing your views about the state of the Indian affairs, and at long last, as you could be aware, owing to the social media, more and more of us are becoming aware Indians.
Kind regards,
BS Murthy

BS Murthy
29-Oct-2022 07:03 AM

Comment Dear Sri Murtijii : It is for the educated Indians should come forward and take the trouble of educating the majority of innocent Indians about present state of affairs and see that Modi comes back to the position of Prime Minister of India.
All knew about the standards, qualities and their educational background of our politicians certainly with few exceptions, in handling various states administration. Every citizen should take this seriously. Dr. Jandhyala Shankar, X-Mayor, Vijayawada

Dr Jandhyala Shankar, Former Mayor, Vijayawada
27-Oct-2022 23:53 PM

Comment Dear Jaipal Singhji:
Keen to read "Bigots for Begots" and tried to find it to no avail.
Appreciate if you mail the link through
Best regards,
BS Murthy

BS Murthy
04-Jan-2022 22:36 PM

Comment Dear Jaipal Singhji:
Thanks for your appreciation that's encouraging.
Kind regards,
BS Murthy.

BS Murthy
03-Jan-2022 00:24 AM

Comment Please read "bigots" for 'begots'.

Jaipal Singh
02-Jan-2022 21:30 PM

Comment Dear Murthy Ji,

My felicitations for your bold depiction of the truth of this adorable land and its culture exploited and destroyed for centuries by begots and vested interests who don't even understand the meaning of culture and religion.

I have my own opinion about the Avatar concept but I do believe in what Narendra Modi is doing here.

Jaipal Singh
02-Jan-2022 20:52 PM

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