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As I Know: The Lord of the Mountains – Shiv Purana: 39

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Sati thinks over the suggestion of Shiva and decides to put Rama on test and when she appears disguised as SitaRama chants the name of Shiva and humbly asks her about lord’s whereabouts

After getting a nod from Shiva, goddess Sati went and thought de.eply for some time, “How can I put to test Rama, a wanderer in a forest?” After a moment, she whispered, “I shall disguise as Sita and go to Rama. If he is real Vishnu then, he would come to know everything or else he would not recognise me.”

She thought of a plan, whispered a few words and went near Rama in the guise of Sita to test the truth Shiva had told. Delusory powers, it appeared had overcome Sita as averred earlier.

Observing Sati in the guise of Sita, Rama remembered and chanted the name of Shiva. He had come to know everything and therefore, Rama recognised goddess Sati, and said with a smile, “Holy Satiji, I salute you. Where is lord Sambhu? Where he has gone? Please tell. Why did you come alone to the forest without beloved Shiva? O goddess, you relinquished the real image. Now, why did you disguise? Please let me know.”

After she heard soft utterances from the mouth of Sri Rama, Sati was amazed. She remembered Shiva and felt embarrassed, for she should not have doubted. Vishnu stood in the figure of Rama. Now, she appeared as goddess Sati before Rama.

She thought of feet of Shiva, meditated on him and spoke happily, “O son of the dynasty of Raghus, the god of gods, Shiva came to wander around the world with me and counselors and thereafter, we arrived at Dandaraka. He saw you with Laksmana when you were in search of Sita.” She was quiet.

After a pause, she said again, “O Rama, at that time, you appeared miserable and anguished since it became difficult for you to withstand separation of beloved Sita. While you were sad, disheartened and grief-stricken, he saluted you and went away. Now, he stands under Vargada. Shiva blissfully sang glories of your incarnation as a Vaishnava. Though he did not have your darshana as four-armed Vishnu yet immense happiness inundated when he looked at the divine image and cherished moments of divine ecstasy.”

She said again, “I observed delight and joy in Shiva. When I asked, he said certain words that did not convince me, and it created suspicions. O Rama, I put you to test after I sought lord’s consent. O Sri Rama, I know you  are Vishnu. I saw your sovereignty and primacy with these eyes. All doubts and uncertainties stand dispelled. Even then, O wise soul, please listen to me and speak the truth. How is it that lord Shiva reveres you? It creates doubts in the mind and therefore, I request you to drive out suspicions and consecrate me with intense peace of mind.”

Rama of lotus eyes heard soft and reverential words of Sati and looked at the goddess reverentially. He remembered lord Shiva in a spirit of adoration and prayer, and it filled heart with divine love. He did not come near Shiva because he did not have the consent and so did not violate godly laws. He eulogised Shiva in mind and after a thought, said to goddess Sati, “O goddess, in ancient times, the supreme Creator of the universe, Sambhu invited Visvakarma (a great artisan of gods) to paratpara abode (Vaikuntha) and requested him to build a cowshed. Visvakarma built up one of the most beautiful cowsheds in the three worlds. It was very vast and magical, and it pleased the great lord immensely.”

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