Shiva Purana: Rudra Samhita: Sati - 19

As I Know: The Lord of the Mountains – Shiv Purana: 43

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Fury of Sadashiv Mahadeva’s (Shiva) counselor surprises brahmins even as Shiva intervenes but it does not change the scenario that is likely to take a disastrous turn…a cause of immense destruction even as Shiva tries to pacify Nandi

A terrible curse of Nandi shocked brahmins, sages and Daksa, and everyone else, who witnessed uproar and nervousness in the gathering. People, who knew the Vedas and the inherent meanings, knew the real face of Shiva (tattva – the essence of Shiva, and bhakti and its eternal effect). Even Supreme Brahma tried to caution brahmins, sage Bhrigu and others and dissuaded everyone from speaking ill of Shiva.

After Mahadeva heard Nandi, he smiled and said gently, “O dear Nandi, please listen. You are a learned man… a man of knowledge. Do not get angry. Out of misgiving and suspicions, you cursed brahmins and thus, wasted words. In fact, no curse, can affect me. Therefore, do not get agitated.”

Shiva said after a pause, “The Vedas are full of mantras and brief suktas (pearls and gems of wise axioms and concise expression of deep philosophical thoughts). Each sukta contains the soul and the great soul of bodied living beings. Those, who know mantras of the Vedas, know the soul and the Supreme soul. Therefore, you should not curse out of anger. Howsoever, tainted an intellect may be of a man he cannot curse the Vedas. At that moment, I am not cursed. You understand the truth. O wise Nandi, you are to advise monks, siddhas, Sanakas and many holy wise men.” It was a long pause as if.

After sometime, Shiva said, “Be at peace now. I am the yajna, O Nandi. I am also the karma of yajna. I am the organ of yajna and I am the hand. I am the soul of yajna and the patron (yajamana) and even then, he prohibits me to attend yajna. Who is he? Who you are and who is that are the questions. In truth, I exist in all. O Nandi, you think deep before you arrive at a decision. You will know that you unnecessarily cursed brahmins.”

Shiva tried to convince Nandi of the futility of curse. He told of a perennial truth the he existed in all beings dead or alive and each being whether dead or alive existed in him.

At last, he said, “O Nandi, true knowledge of tattva takes you beyond misconceived thoughts and perceptions, and when one situates ‘the self’ in ‘the inner self’, anger, jealousy etc. do not assail.” Nandi heard and thought.

After he heard Sambhu (Shiva), Nandi was calm and did not exhibit resentment, anger, or any transgression. After Shiva imparted knowledge of tattva to Nandi, he, ganas and counselors left for the divine abode. Filled with anger and pride, Daksa also left. However, he was not calm and wanted to teach a lesson to Shiva and as such, continued to nurse ego even as sentiments and thoughts of agitation overwhelmed. When he was alone, he thought of curse he had issued against Shiva and it disturbed. He lost sense of sagaciousness, abandoned devotion toward the lord and began to denounce devotees of Shiva.

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