Meri Kavita, Mere Nazm III

Marathi Kaviyon ke Sang

Progressive Literary & Cultural Society (India) organized, “Meri Kavita Meri Najm III Marathi Kaviyon ke Sang”, an online Marathi Poem Reading Session via Google Meet and Facebook live on *March 4, 2022.*

The event commenced as usual with a warm welcome by Dr. Shamenaz (Shams), the founder president of PLCS.She introduced the need of time for conducting such varied events, bringing together the poets across India. *Meri Kavita Meri Najm* is an outcome of the same. It was the third segment of a regional poetry reading event. It was a Marathi poem reading session. Four poets from different territories of Maharashtra took part in the session. Dr. Shamenaz played the role of the Convenor of the session as well as took the responsibility as a technical hand to make the session go smoothly as she has always been doing.

Dr. Shamenaz introduced the poets, poetesses and invited the first and foremost poetess Mrs. Jayashri Sangitrao, the compere and renowned poetess as well as social activist, with her poems.

Mrs. Jayashri presented her poem *'Swapnatil Balpan'*- Childhood in dreams, which has the part of her anthology of poem entitled *'Alguj'*(Flute) Her poems took the audience into their childhood.

The next poet Mr. Deepak N Pawar recited his poem *Paus* - *'The Rain'*. It reminded the audience late *Bahinabai Choudhari*, the renowned poetess from Khandesh, Maharashtra as his was written after the style of one of the poems of hers. The poem revealed the beauty of rain and the atmosphere. The rain changes all at once.

Dr. Manisha Patil was the next poetess who came with her short but meaningful poem revealing life itself. Again Mrs. Jayashri extended the rain theme in her poem *'Nako Yeu Re Pavasa'* - *Rain, don't come!* It depicted how the rain, many a time, disturbs the lives of the farmers and peasants.

Dr. Manisha Patil presented her poem on life which was followed by another poem *Mrityunjay* by Mr. Deepak. It moved along the same strand showing the fruitlessness of the *Mantra* on a dying person who has already spent and always spends its life to cater the needs and demands of life itself.

The session had several rounds of poetry reading by the participants. It became quite lively and relevant as one poem is followed by the next, dealing with almost the same theme and giving away a new perspective to the present theme.

Mrs. Jayashri presented her poems in the delicate feelings of a beloved in solitude. She again presented her poem *'Juliya'* that dealt with the homesickness of a newlywed bride. She also read her Hindi poem *'Radha Krishna'* as she was requested by the Convenor. Her poems *'Manus'* - *'Man'* , *'Dhag'* - *'Cloud'*, touched different chords. Her poem *'Diwali'* was her childhood record of memories. It was written in *Ahirani* (one of the dialects of Maharashtra).

Dr. Manisha came up with her another short poems *Teacher*, *'Moun'* *'Hope'* and *'Dikhava'* - *'The pomp and show'*.

Though Dr. Manisha didn't read lengthy poems, her short poems fitted and bridged the rounds of poetry reading. There was a variety of themes seen in her poems with the sensible words she had chosen to present.

The variety of themes was also seen in Mr. Deepak's poems as he presented his very long poem *'Mukhavate'* - *'The Disguise'* (Masks) He revealed the stark reality of life in his poem. The poem dealt with the theme of how the narrator uses different masks for the world and keeps his tender feeling unsaid.

The session moved slowly and naturally towards the end, touching various topics right from nature, emotional world , human life to love, hope and sensibility. It came to an end with Mrs. Jayashri's poem *'Kavita'* - *'The Poem'*, dedicating the same to poetry itself.

Dr. Shamenaz summed up the session with high remarks and appreciation for the fruitfulness of the session. She remarked that the session was lively and growing by itself. There was no poem that seemed to be stuffed violently. Every presentation was relevant and contributing.

She thanked the participants and audience along with the assurance to come up with another event that brings people together. She also wished that some day she would like to learn Marathi keenly. It was the fruitfulness of the event.

Report by - *Mr. Deepak N Pawar*


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