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Lord Shiva does not give consent but persistence of goddess Sati forces him to agree and so he approves of Sati’s request reluctantly and permits her to go under adequate security measures.

She said to Shiva, “O swamy, I heard that father Daksa is organising a great yajna…a religious festival… it is holy men say. Many sages and gods are attending. Why are you not interested in joining a yajna, O lord of gods? Prajapati Daksa is holding it. Whatever you have in mind, please tell. O great Mahadeva, it is dharma of noble souls to keep in touch with virtuous people as it enhances prestige, and increases feelings of love and warmth. Therefore, O lord, please accept pleas I make. After essential preparations, let us go to attend yajna.”

Shiva heard genuine request of Sati. He remembered everything. Many humiliating arrow-like words of Daksa had hurt deeply he recalled. Still he spoke mildly, “O goddess, father Daksa is against me and my devotees. He is jealous and behaves like an enemy. He hates me specifically. O beloved Sati, all prominent gods and sages, who are foolish, bereft of intellect and wisdom, full of ego and arrogance have gone to participate in the yajna. Those, who go to others’ houses without an invitation or a call, do not receive basic respect and here, disrespect is painful, mortifying and ignominy even worse than death. Therefore, O dear Sati, he did not invite so it is improper if we go, especially to father’s place. I told you the facts. It is truth.”

Sati was disturbed and a bit angry.

She said, “O lord, you are the lord of everyone. If you go to yajna it is complete and successful. Everyone knows. Despite the truth, an evil-minded father Daksa did not invite. It puzzles. O lord, what is the objective of the evil fellow if he did not invite us to yajna? I wish to know everything. I also want to know feelings and thoughts of the malicious and wily sages and gods, who are to participate in yajna. Therefore, O lord, I want to go to yajna just now. It is very important. O swamy, great Maheshwara, please allow.”

Sati demonstrated apparent resentment against Daksa, and Shiva, the omniscient and the knower of all, the great creator and benefactor of devotees, heard patiently and then said, “O goddess, you are true to tapa. If you are interested to go to join yajna, then I consent. You join the yajna of father prajapati Daksa. Nandi, the celestial vehicle is ready. Like a great queen goddess, with proper royal formalities, decorum and respect, you mount Nandi and begin the journey under guardianship of counselors and ganas. O beloved Sati, take the supremely decorated bull.”

Encouraging and pleasing words of Rudra delighted. Sati adorned with various ornaments and endowed with the means and resources necessary for undertaking the sacred journey, left the heavenly abode to join the most notable yajna. Supreme lord bestowed wonderful clothes, ornaments and the most magnificent chhatra (umbrella) chambara and valued articles on Sati, which suited the dignity and status of the greatest queen among the goddesses. With the consent of lord Shiva, sixty thousand rudraganas (attendants of Rudra) in excitement escorted goddess Sati, who was curious to know the objective of father Daksa in organising a great yajna.

When the journey began an atmosphere of festival and celebrations on the sky path appeared fantastic and divine as the countless ganas danced, sang songs and played on musical instruments. It was a wonderful celestial picture of charm and awe, amazing and fabulous. Ganas of goddess Sati, the beloved consort of Shiva, organised a huge festival on the way to entertain goddess Sati. They sang songs and hymns in praise of the divine couple. They continued to eulogise Shiva and goddess Sati. Thus, an impressive journey of a daughter, a consort of Supreme lord to the house of father (a father, who was against the lord of the three worlds) continued as incessant drum beatings and a bit of celestial noisy melodies captivated everyone. If Shiva gave a nod to Sati to join a great yajna, it had a purpose. Until then, none was aware of the heavenly rationale.

A grand stage was set for a great encounter between a goddess, a consort of lord Shiva and Daksa, the lord of prajapatis and father of Uma (Sati).

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