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As Sati abandons body through yoga, terrifying ganas of Shiva are extremely angry and so they are ready to attack and eager to kill Daksa…to protect Daksa sage Bhrigu raises an army of Ribhus, and so, very soon a fierce battle begins

Many counselors were much mortified, aggrieved, and so, they began to hit faces and foreheads with deadly and sharp weapons, and thus, injured their own bodies for it was awful to see sufferings of Sati. Intensity of pain and anguish of separation from goddess Sati was immense and therefore, twenty thousand counselors of Shiva finished their lives as fire engulfed Sati. It was really a dreadful and outrageous incident, unheard anywhere. Left out angry and enraged, the counselors (pramathaganas of Sankara) now got ready with lethal divine weapons to kill Daksa.

Sage Bhrigu was worried about the completion of yajna as goddess Sati and the ganas of Shiva were partially disturbed. He wanted to destroy all, who tried to create obstacles in the smooth functioning of yajna. He poured oblations into the fire of yajna and chanted mantras from Yajur Veda and this act of the sage resulted in terrific situation. Out of the sacrificial fire of yajna, thousands of Ribhus (also called gods) emerged out and stood before Bhrigu.

Ribhus appeared like burning logs of wood. Now, battle lines of a fierce war seemed drawn. Pramathaganas of Shiva were excited and furious to destroy everything. A violent war ensued between ganas and Ribhus. It was horrifying as it filled people with awe and terror, who heard about the horrible war. Ribhus were powerful and frightening and they fought ferociously. It became difficult for the mighty ganas to fight against Ribhus. Badly mauled and terror-stricken counselors ran away to save life.

Bhrigu had created Ribhus out of the fire and so one could imagine the ferocity. Very soon, the mighty gods killed many ganas and many more stood defeated, and therefore, visualizing the consequences ganas ran away or escaped. Delusory powers (maya) of Shiva caused astonishing incidents and surprised everyone. Therefore, death and defeat of ganas was predestined.

Vishnu, Brahma, Indra and various gods, Marutas, Ashwinikumaras, celestial beings and the guardians of heavens were astounded as they witnessed the terrible war and thought of the tragic consequences. All held consultations but the decision appeared difficult, and therefore, the divine souls appeared before Vishnu and prayed, “O lord be generous and kind and find a way out and kindly take steps and avert a terrible catastrophe.”

It was a serious issue and everyone in the assembly was worried and rightly apprehensive. Even Vishnu was worried that a mighty obstacle disturbed yajna of Daksa. Everyone knew causes of the grave situation. Daksa should have been sympathetic, courteous and bighearted, and wise in conduct and undoubtedly, should have been respectful to Shiva. Had it been so, the present situation would not have arisen they thought. Probably, Daksa did not comprehend the hidden wish of daughter Sati and therefore, it caused avoidable destruction and violence. Each one was quite worried and disturbed.

When they tried to find solution, everyone heard a voice from the sky. A Celestial voice reprimanded and told Daksa that it was fatal because he had refused to listen to the rational counsel of wise men in yajna and annoyed sage Dadhichi and thus, committed an act of immense wickedness …it was a sin not to greet a daughter, the goddess, who had come to participate in yajna.

The divine voice was clear as words resounded in the ears, “O sinful Daksa, O fool, you did a ku-karma (an evil act). O fool, you did not believe sage Dadhichi, a great devotee of Shiva. It was a beneficial and propitious suggestion. Holy brahmin issued a curse and left the sacred place of yajna and you still, failed to realise the sin you committed. Afterward, Sati arrived at the yajna ground without an invitation but you did not greet. Why did it happen?”

A prophetic voice from the sky continued to reveal the truth, “O Daksa of weak intellect, you did not worship goddess Sati and Mahadeva. What is this? ‘I am son of Brahma’ saying arrogantly, you were gratuitously full of pride. A highly irrational act it was. Therefore, delusory forces vanquished you. Holy Sati is the most revered goddess of sagely people and so every virtuous soul meditates on her and she blesses devotees. She bestows fruit of virtuous acts, as she is the mother of the three worlds. She is an image of the wellbeing of people and then, she resides in one half of the body of Sankara. Therefore, she is Ardhanareshwari whom people worship. She blesses devotees with fortune. She is the power of Maheshwara and consecrates disciples. She dispels fears from the world and bestows blessings of happiness and joy. She destroys disorder and anarchy. She blesses people with glory and prosperity.”

The celestial voice continued, “O foolish Daksa, she is the supreme power. She bestows joys and pleasures of the world on devotees and grants moksa. She is the mother of the universe. She protects every world as she is the power without beginning, and she annihilates the worlds at the time of perdition and destruction (mahapralaya). She is the most decorated and revered image of mother of Vishnu and the sages, and the devotees know Sati as the mother of Brahma, Indra, Chandra, Agni and Surya. She lavishes fruit of tapa, dharma and charity on devotees. She is Sambhu. She is the paratpara (the highest, an annihilating power). Goddess is the beloved of Mahadeva and you knew it and still did not offer a share in yajna. What a fool of iniquitous and sinful thoughts you are?”

An unidentified voice from the beyond created fears, doubts and uncertainties. Thus, a divine voice continued to praise goddess Sati’s exemplary conduct in the face of crisis. Unknown voice deliberately chose to speak many words of wonder and grandeur about Shiva. It was clear that Shiva and goddess Sati were the origin of created beings. Nothing was possible without the explicit desire of the great gods. As Daksa committed a grave blunder and humiliated Sati, he was likely to face ignominy. He did not invite Shiva to the great yajna and further failed to grant appropriate respect to the lord of created beings and gods but he flaunted impudence and arrogance, uttered judgmental words and ignored Sati, and therefore, out of ignorance, granted no royal welcome to his daughter and lord’s consort as expected.

In truth, Daksa insulted parents. How could he expect salvation, security, happiness or wellbeing? Apt questions wanted proper answers from Daksa.

At last, the mystifying voice said, “O Daksa, misfortunes attack, and sufferings crowd you it appears because you did not meditate and undergo tapa and penance to please goddess Bhawani (Sati) and lord Sankara…I find none in the assembly of gods and sages, who can afford to annoy Shiva and help you…”

The divine voice was strong and vigorous as warning continued to shock. Again, it said, “All gods and holy people should leave the place of yajna and go to respective places or else they will be destroyed. Other monks, sages, ordinary gods, nagas, snakes and guests, who have arrived to attend yajna, should also get out of the sight of yajna. If they fail to abandon the place, destruction and bereavement would visit each one. O lord Vishnu, Sri Hari and Supreme Brahma, kindly go back.” After uttering prophetic words of admonition and wisdom, the divine voice was silent.

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