Miracle Water for Happy Married Life

Suitors for marriage before they are affected by Cupid’s arrow may do well in avoiding opinionated, prejudiced, biased, moralistic, jealous, zealous, straight-jacketed, patriotic, jingoistic, pedantic, or rigid partners at the cost of even suffering smokers and social drinkers while pursuing alliances.

It is why the new cognoscenti are researching various social media sites besides LinkedIn for any clues that can throw some light on the possible qualities of the prospective spouse. Many other traits besides the above are also unwelcome in future partners. But some ideas could be handy in avoiding at least a few of them.

Here, I remember my father recounting an anecdote.

In a village, there was an old well. The legend says that a sacred spring inside the well got a miracle power in the waters. Whoever among the prospective marriage partners drank first before the wedding will be given a boon that assures superiority or dominance over the other half for the rest of the life. Before tying the marital knot, a groom has arrived late for the auspicious occasion. It was because he ran first to the well to drink the fabled water to have the said edge over his future wife. But when he returned to the marriage venue, he discovered to his dismay that the bride had already drunk from a pre-filled bottle that had the sacred waters secured well before the groom had tied the nuptial knot.

Marriages are, of course, made in heaven. But at least some tricks help avoid hell in the wedded life.


More by :  Seshu Chamarty

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