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As I Know: The Lord of the Mountains – Shiv Purana: 60

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The powerful daitya extends borders of empire and even Vishnu’s weapons fail to overcome him and at this, Brahma tells gods of the blessings he confers on daitya ages ago and so, counsels gods to go and request lord Sankara

Brahma heard pitiable requests of gods through Indra and then said, “O gods, daitya Taraka got the present stature, status and prowess because I blessed him and granted boons. That is why Taraka’s influence increased so much. Therefore, it is not proper that I kill. He, who brings up someone if he kills also, it is not an act of dharma. Even if a poisonous tree is watered and reared up, to cut it down is improper. If Taraka gives troubles and you suffer, only lord Sankara can help out and he only can assist you to get rid of the lethal menace to the kingdom of gods.” Brahma said softly.

The great lord deliberated for some time and then, looked serious. He said after a short while, “Even Sankara cannot confront daitya Taraka. Only the weight of sins can destroy and kill Taraka. I advise you. What I say you do. Please listen carefully. I bestowed on Taraka boons that make him impervious to death. The effect of blessings is terrific. I cannot assassinate him. Vishnu cannot kill him. Even Sankara will not be able to finish Taraka. Such are the boons he secured through severe tapa and penance. No other warrior can exterminate Taraka. I tell you the truth. Even if all gods gather and collectively attack, he would remain invincible.”

Brahma slowly revealed the truth to gods, who had arrived with many hopes. After a few moments, Brahma said, “O gods, if a son is born out of the semen (veeriya) of lord Shiva, he can kill the dreadful daitya. No other warrior can. You must know.”

All gods looked at the grave face of Brahma, who seriously deliberated on the issue.

After a pause, he added, “O great gods, I give you a solution to get rid of the discomforting situation rather calamitous future you visualise. If you do, you get definite results. If Mahadeva is kind and generous, it will positively prove effective and you’d get success.”

Brahma continued, “O gods, I narrate an ancient tale, interesting and meaningful. Long ago, goddess Sati sacrificed her life because Shiva suffered embarrassment and disgrace. It hurt Sati and therefore, she plunged into the yajna fire prajapati Daksa had organised. Divine woman has now taken birth as a daughter of Himalaya and MenakaMaina. You also know the truth. Mahadeva will definitely marry the girl I believe. To that direction, you must also divert concerted efforts so that relationship between the lord and divine girl materialises. You work in such a way that Sankara establishes divine seed (veeriya) in the womb of Parvati (Sati), the beloved daughter of Menaka. His seed appears to rise above urdhvareta (yogic potency & tapa bearing divine energy). Only Parvati is competent to situate and sustain the seed properly. No other woman has the power to situate lord’s semen in the womb you must understand. Now, the daughter of the mountains Himalaya has grown young. She is engaged in the service of Mahadeva. At present, Mahadeva is undergoing tapasya in the caves of Himalaya.”

Brahma slowly narrated the tale and hinted at a possible solution.

He said further, “She serves the lord with devotion and dedication as father Himavana has advised. In the country of father, she serves the great lord along with two devoted friends. Mahadeva is meditating now, I told you. It is difficult to disturb him. The most beautiful celestial girl in the three worlds, Parvati, worships Shiva (Mahadeva) daily at Hima’s kingdom without ever disturbing the lord undergoing severe penance. Shiva, in tapa and meditation is deeply engrossed and not for a moment, thinks about Parvati, the divine girl. O gods, now, that appears the noblest and the most dignified way to approach Parvati, Shiva believes and so, hopes to marry Sati. You should also make efforts and fulfill lord’s desire so that you achieve the objective. Otherwise, you would confront problems. I shall also go to the capital of Taraka and try to convince and advise the powerful daitya to abandon the present path of enmity and destruction. I wish it …that he gives no troubles to gods. Now, you go back to respective abodes.”

Brahma advised gods as he thought it proper and reassured them again that he would do whatever he can. At the same time, Brahma decided to meet Taraka.

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