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All created beings and the celestial beings suffer but fail to realise the cause and therefore, hold deliberations in the court of Indra and later, appear before Vishnu

Indra and the gods of heavens assembled and held thoughtful session and tried to find out the reasons of agonised and challenging times. They could not comprehend and therefore, approached guru Bhrispati, who advised gods and holy souls to seek guidance and remedy from Supreme Brahma. At that time, they felt the heat of tapa and so were distressed, and the excruciating pains made everyone bereft of cogent thoughts. After careful thought and evaluation, the gods explained to Brahma the severity of sufferings and the disturbing situations engulfing the three worlds. They appeared pale and disillusioned. In entreating and adulatory words, the gods said, “O lord, what is the cause of sizzling heat and burning?”

Brahma was not sovereign at this moment. He understood the shadows of awesome maya (delusory strength) of Shiva and therefore, remembered Shiva, understood the entire background and it was obvious to him that it had the blessing of Shiva.

The great Trinity exercised overpowering authority over the respective domains but even then, they knew each other areas of influence and whenever the Trinity thought to do anything, sought clearance and sanction from others so that the balance of power is not disturbed. In contemporary context, when one speaks of balance of power, it is in all wings of life. One understands that greed, violence, hatred, jealousy, lasciviousness and pride of power and pelf beleaguer men, and hence need correction. Social, economic, political and other spheres require perfect balance in case humanity wants peace and harmony. The wider implications of balance of power if understood rightly are good or else anarchic and violent situations arise.  

Brahma’s frequent going to Shiva in a spirit of humility and self-abnegation to find out reasons, causes and solutions, is symbolic of anxieties and worries of the Trinity. It proved effective and worthwhile because it wanted to conserve stability and equilibrium.

Brahma learnt that whatever disturbance and sufferings the great gods and living beings in the three worlds confronted, were the affects of intense tapa of Parvati and if heat singes and tortures the entire universe it is because of Girija. He realised that he was incapable of finding an appropriate solution to the sufferings of gods and created beings, and therefore, thought to explain the reasons of anxieties and worries and so, he with the gods of heavens approached Vishnu and greeted him. At that time, Vishnu was sitting on the divine seat.

Brahma folded hands, bowed and praised Vishnu. Gods and various created beings accompanying Brahma also paid respect.

Brahma said in prayerful words, “O great Vishno, at this time, Parvati is engaged in severe tapa and the intensity of tapa scorches the gods and created beings of the three worlds. It is very difficult to get rid of sufferings. Now, we seek refuge and guidance. Kindly help, lessen sufferings, and protect and save gods.” Vishnu listened, thought over, smiled positively, and understood the cause of sufferings of gods and the universe.

He said, “O gods, I know reasons of tapa Parvati is undergoing for thousands of years.” Vishnu knew that it was not possible to do anything. None was ready to interfere in the sphere of influence of any great god.

After some time, he said, “We should go to Shiva. All shall pray before him and request that he should marry Parvati. You know, Parvati is engaged in intense tapa and wants to attain Shiva. She is a sacred woman of determination, and it is difficult to distract the holy woman from the attainment of a great objective. It is important for the wellbeing and prosperity of the universe. We should ensure that lord Shiva goes to the ashrama of Parvati and bestows blessings and boons on her. We ought to impress upon Shiva with humble pleas. He must go and bless. Therefore, let us go to the place where Rudra is presently engaged in austere tapa, and try to achieve a fervently ordained purpose.”

All the gods, the sages and created beings were extremely terrified when they heard Vishnu. It was difficult to please Shiva, who to the gods appeared obstinate, angry, fiery and destructive. The terrible thoughts filled gods with fears. With such thoughts in mind, the gods said, “O Vishno, he is dreadful and dazzling like the fire of death and is the lord of fearsome eyes. He is full of fury and rage. We cannot approach and plead before him, O lord. You know he burnt to death the unconquerable lord of love Kamadeva with blistering anger and if we commit a slight mistake, Shiva would burn and reduce all and everyone to ashes. Do not doubt.”

Vishnu heard genuine apprehensions and doubts of gods and then, after carefully considering possible solutions to the problems gods confronted, he assured them of help.

After a pause, the consort of goddess Laksmi said, “O great gods, please express genuine devotion, love and respect, and then listen. Shiva is swamy of gods, who destroys fears. He will not sear you. You are very intelligent and wise. Therefore, believe me, he is benevolent and thinks of the wellbeing of all living beings, and he is the supreme lord and therefore, all should seek refuge at his holy feet.”

He eulogised Shiva, the most powerful, who was present everywhere and deciphered subtle thoughts governing the minds of different living beings.

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