Shiva Purana: Rudra Samhita: Parvati - 21

As I Know: The Lord of the Mountains – Shiv Purana: 77

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After lord Shiva knew the intents of Parvati, he deliberates deeply, and perhaps smiles within and after a thought, appears before Parvati

In deeply hurt frame of mind, penitent Parvati decided to leave the hermitage. The moment, she decided to move out, Shiva discarded the guise of a brahmin and appeared before beloved Parvati and held her hand. She looked at the most beautiful and divine image of lord Shiva on whom she had meditated for years. Extreme sense of satisfaction and consequent bashfulness overwhelmed. She was stunned and thunderstruck and so, she looked down at the ground.

Shiva said, “O dear Parvati, where would you go after leaving me? Now, I shall never leave you. I am happy. You may ask for a boon. Nothing is difficult for me. I shall bestow anything you ask. O goddess, with the power of tapasya you made me a slave. I am overawed. I am enthralled. Beauty and grace entice. Now, without you, I find each moment equal to a yuga. It is impossible to live without you. Please give up timidity and shyness. You are an eternal consort. O daughter of Giriraj, O dear Maheshwari, think over deeply, whatever I said earlier. O Parvati of steady and tranquil nature, I put you to test many a time in varied ways. I am an adherent of delusory charms and the supernatural acts and therefore, you forgive for the crime, nay a sin. O Shivei, I do not find any woman in the three worlds, who is so deeply devoted, and shows intense love and affection for me. I shall always live under the influence of love, devotion and intense bhakti you nurse for me.”

He stopped for a few moments and then, said, “O beloved Parvati, please come near. You are a beloved spouse. I am your man, the most desired... I shall proceed to Kailasa Mountain and take you along with me.” Shiva gave expression to feelings of love and warmth and now, agreed to make Parvati, his wife. He realised the intensity of tapa she underwent and now, he was ready to bless.

Goddess Parvati was immensely happy and divine ecstasy filled her after the lord came forward with a proposal of marriage. She underwent sufferings and now, when the great lord blessed, all pains, miseries and uncertainties were over. She felt fresh as the divine blessings enriched her while the Supreme lord appeared benevolent and generous. She continued to look at the great lord with delight and inner joy. Joy of illumination, divine blessing and supreme bliss permeated the entire hermitage.

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