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Flowering Pear - Cleveland Select

A couple of years ago the city planted trees of various varieties on the sidewalk curb of our office building. About half a dozen of them were Cleveland ornamental pear trees and a couple of them were Cherry Cultivers

In the hustle bustle of our life, we tend to not pay attention or remain unwittingly oblivious to our surroundings.

The plant drew my attention during early March 2023, when I had to park my car on the sidewalk, as my normal parking spot in the building alley area was not available due to some construction work. And, as luck would have it, I have been parking my car on the same spot now for over a month, thus looking at the tree more closely, every day.

Upon gazing closely at the tiny little buds that had started sprouting I was amazed and mesmerized to see the work of nature in all its glory.  When standing even a few feet away, one cannot really admire the floral beauty. 

That’s when the cell phone becomes handy.

Using the macro lens option of the phone camera, I just started finding time to take pictures of the flowers from various angles, every day. The tiny buds transform in a few days from a nutty shaped bud, opening into a bouquet shaped flowers of various colors within each flower, and metamorphose into a bunch of bright white 5-petaled flowers before turning into leaves. 

The pictures speak for themselves.

The above two pictures were taken at the same time on March 27, 2023 - a regular image and a close up.

The above two closeup pictures were taken at the same time on April 4, 2023

The experience was amazing, and I could not help but gather some brief information courtesy of the internet.

The Cleveland Select Flowering Pear (Botanical name: Pyrus Calleryana) grows into a symmetrical oval shaped tree with a fairly uniform growth.  It is said to need little maintenance and is most commonly used as an accent tree along walkways, driveways, roads and wildlife gardens. It can grow to a height of thirty feet with a spread of about twenty feet. The flowers of the Cleveland Pear tree bloom in early spring.


April 10, 2023: The flowers have started transforming into leaves. 


See also: Cherry Cultivar: Prunus Kanzan

All images (c) Rajender Krishan


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Comment Your photo essay has made the flowering pears spread their captivating beauty far and wide.
Nature's bounty very keenly and minutely captured.
Very interesting writing!

Neera Pradhan
12-Apr-2023 05:21 AM

Comment While we are pretty much tired and troubled by the heat and sweat here, the nature has knocked out and spilled all its colours around. The drifting yellow chandeliers on the dividers are catching eyes and are treat to the tired retinae when stuck in a traffic jam.

A vine that reveals the beauty of the fences, the bougainvillea, currently blooming on the iron gates of umpteen numbers of entrances is so altruistic in its demeanor that it hides the rotten hinges and tintless, bleak, and colourless grills with its tincture of pigmented petals. Dazzling yellow pendulous flowers of laburnum look like lighted lanterns even in scorching heat filled afternoon. The tree is also known as The Golden Shower.

A Gulmohor tree stands erect like a king and the red flowers are the King's crown. The name Royal Poinciana aptly suits because its kingdom is spread across hilltops, gardens, highways, cities and towns and what not.

Your marvelous photography of that roadside timber donning colourful flowers called The Cleveland Select Flowering Pear brought back my memories which were about to press alt+del...!!!

Satish Bendigiri.
09-Apr-2023 10:13 AM

Comment The allure of plants is permanent. A sensitively done photo essay, it takes you to the fine details of flowers and plants. I enjoyed going through it.

Prof. Shubha Tiwari
09-Apr-2023 05:04 AM

Comment RK, I returned from Kashmir only last week and I saw this peach blossom in many places, especially Shalimar and Nishat gardens. I mistakenly thought this one is the same that produces the fruit pear. Your write up brought memories of it. The photos and narratin are captivating indeed!

PGR Nair
08-Apr-2023 19:46 PM

Comment Nature is beauty. Nature is our origins. We have to return to our origins without letting go certain achievements. We have to live again hand in hand with rhythm of nature...

Patrick Sammut
08-Apr-2023 16:46 PM

Comment The nature is amazing and cameras have amazing capabilities to capture the beauty in nature. But it still awareness of a human to notice these beautiful blessing of the nature on technologically savvy cameras and share with others.
So, salute to nature and the phone camera is not complete without a salute to sharp awareness of the eyes of the observer - Mr. Rajender Krishan. Please keep sharing such vignettes with us.

Bhupinder Singh
08-Apr-2023 15:18 PM

Comment While the works of nature are beyond the limited comprehension of human mind, but indeed, the modern technology has brought to us wonderful devices. Now it is upto us to use them constructively, or otherwise. Rapid technological advancement in Mobile Camara resolutions has already rendered best quality traditional camaras out of use. These pictures truly speak for themselves and for mobile camara quality too! Very good photo essay.

08-Apr-2023 13:38 PM

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