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A voice cautions Bhadrakali about the invincible daitya and after sometime, Shiva joins but it is Daitya’s style of fighting that attracts and impresses everyone….however, Vishnu plays the trick and…violates modesty of Tulsi

Dreadful war continued for a long time. At that time, the goddess heard a voice, “O goddess, still one and a half lakh demons fight in the battlefield and are keen to demonstrate fearlessness and gallantry, and therefore, you make them your food. O goddess, you may take a resolve to destroy daitya Sankhchuda but you will not be able to kill. You know the truth and do not nurse doubts.” She heard the voice and thereafter, killed and devoured many daityas, drank blood and after that, the goddess went near Shiva and narrated the sequence of events of the Great War.

After learning about the intensely fought war, Sankara smiled and rushed to the battlefield with crores of ganas. Again, a dreadful war of colossal dimensions began. The most surprising acts of Sankhchuda endeared him to many. When he saw Shiva, he got down from the chariot, prostrated on the ground, saluted Shiva, and then ascended the craft, put on armour, picked up astra-sastras and then, took bow and arrows. A learned daityas he was, who never forget to pray and worship gods and goddesses wherever it was required. To engage in a fight is different but to respect and revere godly souls was important for learned souls and the daitya knew the laws of Dharma.

Another fierce war began and continued for hundreds of years. Shiva and Sankhchuda used different weapons while the forces continued to fight violently quite unaware of the consequences. Killings created awe and fear, and blood flowed in streams. Shiva was exhausted and irritated. At last, he thought of the dreadful trident.

A voice from the sky said, “O Sankara, please listen to prayers. Do not release trident. You can destroy the entire universe in a moment with the weapon. None doubts. The great daitya has no power to stand before you. He is nothing. However, O lord, do not violate refinement and destroy limits of courtesy but also honour dictates of Supreme Swamy.”

The voice said again, “O Mahadeva, you hear about god’s grace and honour where he defines limits that you should not violate. Until the great Sankhchuda is fully equipped with the armour Sri Hari conferred and until piety, devotion, sanctity and faithfulness of devoted Tulsi remain untainted and unspoiled, virtues will not permit affect age and keep in mind that even death cannot visit the mighty daitya. O lord of the universe Sankara, please transform the words of Supreme Brahma into truth.”

Without any inquiry or question, Shiva bowed before the divine voice and inspired Vishnu to complete the ongoing arduous task. Vishnu entered the battleground, as he was the lord of powers of delusion and illusion and was capable of wielding delusory strength fittingly. Vishnu thought on various aspects of the war and then, disguised as an old brahmin, appeared before Sankhchuda and said, “O king of demons, I come as a beggar. You give alms. I would not give words to what I wish. Therefore, if you wish to fulfill the hidden desire, only then, I reveal.”

An old brahmin with a yearning surprised daitya Sankhchuda. He felt pleased and said, “Yes, you ask what you want.”

Old wily brahmin said, “I want armour you have put on.” A great devotee of brahmins and a man of truth Sankhchuda, learnt about the wish of an old brahmin, removed the most dear armour and without a question handed it over to the old brahmin, who he did not recognise. Using delusory powers, Sri Hari got the divine armour and thereafter, with a highly untrustworthy mind and evil intentions, Vishnu in the guise of Sankhchuda, appeared before Tulsi, a woman of devotion and loyalty. Unfortunately, a woman of tapa and devotion failed to understand the play of maya of Sri Hari. At this crucial hour, Sri Hari was dishonest and so, he in the guise of Sankhchuda violated the modesty and grace of a saintly woman.

Now, after he violated the sanctity of holy woman Tulsi, Sri Hari narrated everything to Sambhu. Shiva was sure of a victory and therefore, took trident in hand. Divine trident emitted terrific brilliance around and the light of trident illuminated all directions, the entire earth and the sky. Shiva’s weapon was invincible and capable of annihilating everything that dared to obstruct its path. When the lord released it, it took a few rounds of the vast sky, rotated many a time, and then, getting a nod from the great lord, fell on daitya Sankhchuda and immediately, reduced the great daitya to ashes. After it killed the demon, it swiftly returned to Shiva.

Thus, the gods of heavens achieved a great objective. Shiva was able to kill Sankhchuda only after duping the great daitya. Daitya Sankhchuda had terrorised gods and snatched land, property and valuables and therefore, suffered death. Gods knew demon’s prowess and ferocity and therefore, Vishnu resorted to sneaky means to get victory. Questions of propriety, morality, ethics and dharma disturb, and to some perceptive men doubts appear genuine and reasonable but when evil spreads without respite and tortures continue, end is obvious somewhere. Sankhchuda was a great man of dharma. He adhered to the path of righteousness but unfortunately, did injustice to gods, the great lord believed and therefore, even Supreme Brahma did not help. Dharma wins eventually and the truth stands revealed. Virtuous and sattvic Karmas bring prosperity and happiness and if wickedness overpowers karmas, miseries and sufferings visit.

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