India: A Rising Global Powerhouse

In a world fraught with political tension, economic instability, and rampant social disparity, there emerges an unlikely hero – India. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the nation has redefined its role on the world stage, transforming from a passive observer to an active, contributing global player. However, is this just a flash in the pan, or is India truly progressing towards becoming a ‘Vishwa Guru’ (World Leader)?

A prime example of India's global leadership was showcased in February 2023 when Turkey faced a catastrophic earthquake measuring 7.8 on the Richter scale. Despite political differences and previous animosities, India launched "Operation Dost," providing extensive humanitarian, medical, and economic assistance to Turkey. This act of solidarity transcended political boundaries, showcasing India's ethos of 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' – the world is one family.

India's gesture towards Turkey was more than just an act of diplomacy; it signified a fundamental shift in India's approach towards international relations. However, India's humanitarian leadership doesn't stop at Turkey. A clear example of this came when Sri Lanka faced a severe economic crisis. India intervened timely, providing economic aid and resources, thus playing a crucial role in helping Sri Lanka revive its ailing economy. This act again emphasizes India's global commitment, showcasing its willingness to aid any nation, irrespective of political or historical ties.

India is no longer solely focused on economic growth and political power but is prioritizing human welfare and global unity. It is becoming the beacon of hope that many nations need, especially those ravaged by natural disasters, economic instability, or political unrest.

Under Modi's administration, India's transformation is not limited to external affairs. The country has undergone significant internal metamorphosis too. From suppressing insurgent activities such as the Khalistani movement to sternly dealing with attempts to desecrate national symbols, India is ensuring that its sovereignty is respected, both at home and abroad. The mysterious deaths of prominent Khalistani terrorists like Hardeep Singh Nijjar, Paramjit Singh Panjwar, Avtar Singh Khanda, and Harmeet Singh abroad send a strong message – India will not tolerate threats to its unity and integrity.

Another monumental achievement was India's role in battling the global COVID-19 pandemic. While the developed nations were grappling with vaccine scarcity, India, the world's largest vaccine producer, supplied millions of COVID-19 vaccine doses to needy nations, including African countries and even the United States. This act of solidarity was a testament to India's commitment to global welfare and firmly placed it as a world leader in healthcare.

India's humanitarian leadership, however, does not overshadow its shrewd economic diplomacy. During the recent sanctions on Russia by the U.S. and other countries, India adeptly navigated the international economic turmoil. India increased its oil imports from Russia, thereby indirectly supporting the European Union and other countries by allowing them to meet their oil needs from Iraq, Kuwait, and Nigeria. In effect, India saved the world from a potential global recession.

According to a report by Japan, "India's strategic economic diplomacy has not just saved the European Union but the world economy at large during a time of crisis."

So, what does this mean for the future of India and the world? Has India's role as a world leader solidified, or is there more to be achieved? As we explore these questions, we must acknowledge the profound transformation India has undergone under Narendra Modi's leadership. A nation that was once seen as a 'follower' is now a 'leader,' offering guidance, support, and, most importantly, hope.

But we must also ask, how can we, as citizens, contribute to this vision of India as a Vishwa Guru? What is our role in this journey? As we look to the future with hope, we must recognize our part in this grand narrative of change and progress. After all, a nation's strength lies in its people, and it's the people who will determine India's destiny on the global stage.


More by :  P. Mohan Chandran

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