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Disappearance of Anirudha disturbs not only Krishna but also everyone – a war between Sri Krishna and Shiva appears inevitable…for King Vana is a devotee of lord and lord cannot see embarrassment to devotees if someone humiliates or belittles them. Krishna seeks consent and blessings of lord Shiva so that he eliminates wicked Vana

Anirudha had disappeared from the palace and nobody knew about the location. After an intensive search, news arrived at Dwarka that Anirudha was in the prison. That King Vana had tied up the young man with poisonous snakes infuriated Krishna, who cursed Vana for the grave mistake. To free Anirudha from the prison of Vana, Sri Krishna invaded Shonitpura, the capital of Vana with a strong army (of twelve Aksonis). Pradyumana and other warriors also joined the army for the destruction of Vana. Shiva also arrived on the scene to defend the mighty Vana, a devotee while a huge divine force followed him. Wonderful and strong armies of Krishna and Shiva were equipped with divine weapons and the armies were fabulously ornamented and decorated.

A fierce war unimaginable in ferocity and violence erupted between the forces of Krishna and Shiva. No one was able to visualise the end of war. Krishna deliberated over the consequences of war and then, went to Rudra, praised eloquently and said, “O omnipresent Shiva, you are untainted despite the presence of various gunas (virtues) – sattva, rajas and tamas, and even then, you light up gunas with the power of gunas. O self-illumined lord of the earth, I know you attract and affect people with delusory powers, lead people to a life of leisure and pleasure, and bless women, sons and homes of devotees, and confer many valuable gifts on devotees. You provide many enjoyable things and thus, even comforts drive people to a life of sufferings because joys are transitory and therefore, finally lead to frustration. People get sufferings and joys at times, and then, again delusion pushes them into an agonised life without a breather. A man, who does not observe restraint on senses even after born in the yoni of a man, and does not worship you O lord, never lives in contentment. He looks pathetic, loathsome and critical, and salvation is impossible for such a man.”

Krishna generously admired the glory and splendeur of Shiva. He said again, “O lord, you are the destroyer of arrogance and sense of false self-esteem. You cursed a man of conceit and haughtiness, daitya Vana I know. Therefore, I came here to seek approval so that I cut asunder Vana’s arms and destroy king’s impudence and ego. O lord, please feel free and ignore him, and do not engage in war. He does not need your generous blessings. I shall take the command and teach daitya a lesson, and thus, the profanity will turn into truth. O lord, you consent so that I cut off the arms of Vana. Your curse should not go waste, O lord Shiva.”

Maheshwara heard congenial expressions and said, “You are right that I issued a curse against the king of daitya, and now you arrived here to fight a war against the daitya and wish to cut apart arms. You do this on my instructions. However, O Krishna, I am always under the control of devotees. It makes me vulnerable. O Krishna, in such situations, how can you cut asunder king’s arms? I am present. Therefore, you make use of special weapons (arrow and astra-jrimbhana) and thereafter, you achieve the objective.”

Krishna was extremely surprised but also very pleased. Later on, Krishna used the weapon as Shiva advised but appeared confused, and therefore, under the spell of delusion, Krishna destroyed the forces of Vana. It was undoubtedly a fierce battle. Shiva’s advice to Krishna proved effective and so he was able to give a new turn to the war.

A great war ensued but Shiva was in a state of confusion. Krishna honoured the promise he gave to Shiva and he did not hurt Vana. The war continued for a long time between the divine forces. Krishna was an incarnation of Vishnu whereas Vana was a devotee of Shiva. Krishna used all-powerful disc and cut off the arms of Vana. Vana lost memory and thereafter, Krishna got ready to behead the king.

Suddenly, out of the delusory slumber, Shiva said, “O Krishna, you always obeyed and completed the work I assigned to you earlier. Now, do not behead Vana and so, take back the release of disc (Sudarshana Chakra)…you never used the divine weapon without my permission. In ancient times also, you did not release the terrifying weapon to finish Dadhichi, Ravana and Taraka and never cared to destroy the enemy’s forts.”

He said again, “O Krishna, you are an embodiment of yoga and are always engaged in the wellbeing of created beings. Therefore, you think over and decide. I bless the daitya so that he does not fear death. My word should prove true. I am immensely pleased with you. O Sri Hari, filled with arrogance Vana forgot against latent powers of ‘the self’ many years ago. He had many arms and felt an itching irritation in the arms and in not very right state of mind wanted war with the strongest created being in the three worlds.”

He came to me and said, “Please fight with me.”

At that time, I did not appreciate but after a thought said, ‘Very soon somebody would come, who would cut off arms and crush pride and overconfidence O Vana.”

Looking at Vana, he said again, “Sri Hari has arrived to cut asunder arms.” Then, turning to Krishna, he said, “Please stop the war and go back to Dwarka with the bride and the bridegroom.” Gracious and pacifying words brought a compromise and they lived as friends. After he uttered emphatic words, Shiva returned with ganas and generals of the army.

Krishna accompanied Vana and arrived at the inner palace of queens. He assured Usha and Anirudha. The great Vana offered many precious gifts. He was happy to meet Chitralekha, a great yogin. Later on, fulfilling the desires of Shiva, he returned to Dwarka with family.

On the other hand, Nandi advised Vana, “O king of daityas, you remember and meditate on lord Shiva forever. He blesses devotees. Install the lord in mind and celebrate the occasion.”

Vana went to the temple of Shiva, began tapa and meditation and thereafter, was engaged in the great divine dance in honour of Shiva. It was an expression of ecstasy amidst music, dance and song in praise of Shiva. It pleased Rudra, who appeared before the devotee and said, “O lord of daityas, whatever you cherish in mind, ask.”

He looked at the all-merciful, benevolent and generous lord and said, “O lord Shiva, fill wounds I got in the war and heal injuries. Let competence of arms stay intact. Bless me with the status of a leader of ganas. O lord, son of Usha should be the king of Shonitpura. Please destroy feelings of enmity and bitterness toward gods of heavens and Sri Vishnu forever. The gunas of rajas and tamas should not besiege me, so that no rebirth of the qualities of daityas disturbs. Feelings of bhakti to lord Sambhu should fill. I should love all your devotees, O lord, and thoughts of mercy for all living beings should enrich me.”

King Vana stood with folded hands before lord Shiva and praised him incessantly. Shiva (Sankara) was greatly delighted to hear praise of truth and dharma. He knew that the great asura was elevating life with sattva gunas and wanted to surrender at the feet of Sambhu. He could not wait for long and said, “O great Vana, you will get everything. I bless you.”

Shiva blessed devotee Vana and disappeared. If devotion – bhakti is true and genuine, it blesses a devotee. Sincerity to duty, loyalty to a cause, single-minded concentration on the objective and selfless efforts to attain an objective – bhakti and devotion prove valuable to men of willpower. If one prays and worships devotedly one reaches destination.

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