Shiva Purana: Shat Rudra Samhita - 4

As I Know: The Lord of the Mountains – Shiv Purana: 104

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Defeat of gods of heavens disillusions Indra and the gods of heavens and so they abandon their abode when daityas take control. Indra and gods seek shelter at the feet of sage Kasyapa and so, to assist gods, he undertakes severe tapa and meditation at Kashi and pleases lord Shiva, who blesses him with eleven sons in the image of Rudra

Later, to help the gods of heavens, Rudras take birth from the womb of Surabhi, another spouse of sage Kasyapa. Birth of sage Durvasa and descending of the trinity – Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva as Chandrama, Dutta and monk Durvasa through the womb of saintly woman Anusuya, holy spouse of sage Durvasa… and thereafter, one learns about the birth of Hanuman, a devotee of Rama, and so, the legend continues.

Ages back, gods of heavens and Indra were defeated and the mighty daityas took control of heavens. Gods left capital Amarvati and to protect lives, they went to sage Kasyapa, narrated tale of woes and sought remedy. Kasyapa assured gods and thereafter, he went to Kashi, took bath in Ganges and was engaged in austere bhakti. Shiva was pleased at monk’s devotion and blessed him.

The sage prayed before the lord, “O lord, take birth as my son.”

Shiva smiled and agreed. God was to fulfill the boons conferred, and so very soon, he took birth in eleven images (as sons) through the womb of sage’s spouse holy Surabhi. It was moment of celebration and the birth of sons brought happiness in the land of gods. People called Surabhi’s sons Rudras namely Kapali, Pingal, Bheema, Virupaksa, Vilohita, Shasta, Ajpada, Ahirbudhanya, Sambhu, Chanda and Bhava. Later, they helped gods and bestowed immense joys and pleasures of life and then, they defeated daityas and so, restored honour and prestige of gods.

Now, Nandi revealed the circumstances in which monk Durvasa took birth in the house of sage Atri, who had undertaken severe tapa earlier and so the three supreme gods blessed him and thus, through the womb of holy Anusuya three sons took birth in the hermitage as the images of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (Rudra) called Chandrama, Dutta and monk Durvasa.

Everyone knew about the devotee of lord RamaHanumana, who had taken birth and later, was a source of incredible support to Rama.

Once lord Sambhu had the charismatic glimpses of divine beauty of Vishnu as the most beautiful and charming woman Mohini. Arrows of passions and love hurt Shiva and at that time, lord for the benefit of humanity, and purposely for the help of Rama at a later stage, shed divine energy veerya (seman), which the seven sages saved cautiously. Afterward, for Rama (so that Rama achieves the objective of eliminating wicked forces from earth) the sages situated Shiva’s semen – veerya in the womb of Anjani (daughter of sage Gautama) through the pathway of ears. At the right time, the mighty man in the image of SambhuHanuman with the body of monkey took birth, who later, became devotee of lord Rama – an incarnation of lord Vishnu.

Afterward, Nandi narrated tale of sage Piplada – an incarnation of Shiva. He told about the circumstances when sage Dadhichi gave his bones to gods on the request of Indra, who later abandoned mortal frame. Indra used sage’s bones for the making of divine weapon Thunderbolt and later, employed it for the destruction of daitya Vritasura. He also told holy brahmins the hallowed legend of King Bhadrayu and queen Kirtimalini, who were very generous and took care of the people. They were devotees of Shiva and with his blessings, attained moksa, and went to the land of lord Shiva.
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