Dhaka Chronicles:

Unveiling the Heart of Bangladesh's Capital

There is a strong bond between the people of Kolkata and Dhaka as 8 out of 10 people say they wish to visit the capital of Bangladesh at least once in their lifetime. While such a bond cannot be figuratively explained, you can do a few things to make that dream happen.

If you are all set with your plans and just left with your flight ticket for a getaway to Dhaka, consider choosing Cleartrip for your Kolkata to Dhaka flight ticket, as you may get more affordable options utilizing the platform.

To top it all, the following are some of the tips that will help you get an affordable flight every time you are planning a tour.

Fare Alert Notifications & Social Media

If you plan on taking a vacation every year, one of the biggest tips for you would be to set fare alert notifications on the airlines' web pages. By doing so, you can monitor and avail yourself of the premium offers that are provided by the airlines from time to time before anybody else. 

Additionally, you can also follow the airlines on their social media platforms, just like how Amazon, Myntra, and other eCommerce platforms make promotional posts from time to time; flying airlines also make promotional posts that contain many deals and offerings that you can avail to get a cheaper flight ticket.

Non-Refundable Tickets

If you are set on the date that you have planned for your trip and you have all the authorization from work to take your oh-so-waited vacation, consider choosing a non-refundable ticket. Doing so, you can see a notable price drop on your ticket from the refundable ones. It is particularly money-saving if you are traveling with your family and all of the tickets are non-refundable. Additionally, you can book a circle-back ticket as well, which will reduce the cost further.

Go Incognito!

You might have noticed that sometimes, when you search for something on the internet frequently, you will face similar ads through platforms like Google Chrome, Facebook, YouTube, and others. It is the same reason why you may see a gradual surge in the price of flight tickets. 

Most often, when you are searching for flight tickets on the internet, you leave a trace of your search history that gets stored in the cookies. If you do not clear the cookies every time after your search, the airlines get access to the information, which is why you see such a difference in the ticket pricing. Therefore, the key is to always clean your cookies. However, if you wish to avoid it all, consider the good practice of looking for flight tickets in incognito mode, as it will not leave any traces of your search history.

Wrapping Up

A trip to Dhaka promises a rich cultural journey through lush greeneries, rich cuisine, and many native attractions. Check out Cleartrip to get all your traveling needs catered to. From booking flight tickets to booking accommodations, Cleartrip has it.


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