Shiva Purana: Vayaveeya Samhita - 5

As I Know: The Lord of the Mountains – Shiv Purana: 128

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Creation is a sacred act – Satrupa and Purusa emerge, and the union gives birth to Virata (Swayambhuva Manu)…life of Shiva and Parvati at Mandrachala mountain… after ages, an interesting encounter between Rama and Shiva takes place that amazes Sati, who raises doubts and wants solution

Brahma had blessings of Mahadeva, received parashakti (the divine power) with a desire to create prajas, and through physical union Supreme Brahma transformed each half of body to female and male – purusa constituents. The woman born out of the half of the body of Brahma was Satrupa, and therefore, purusa emerged out of the other half. The union gave birth to VirataVirata purusa was Swayambhuva Manu. As ordained, the lord of lords, goddess Satrupa underwent rigorous tapa and penance and afterward, attained the most radiant and brilliant purusa Manu as husband, Vayudeva told.

After ages, Sati and Shiva married. Certain doubts cropped up between Shiva and Sati when Rama wandered in a forest in search of Sita, Shiva was displeased with goddess Sati. She made relentless efforts to fathom the infinite dimensions of mind of lord Shiva, and then decided, and again, left the lord to undergo austere tapa.

Divine designs are mysterious and it is not within the competence of created beings to grasp the subtle and immeasurable inherent message.

Vayudeva continued to narrate the sacred legend. Mandrachala was one of the most beautiful forests, divinely ornamented with amazing caves and valleys. It was a suitable mountain for undergoing tapa and meditation. It was the strength of grace of lord of lords Mahadeva that he chose the beautiful mountain as the holy dwelling. Holy Mountain underwent tapa for ages so that it could bear the burden of goddess Parvati and lord Shiva on head. It was after ages that the sacred mountain enjoyed the privilege and touched holy feet of lord Shiva and Parvati when they arrived to settle down.

Wise men and sages failed to describe the beauty, magnificence and grandeur of the divine mountain with the extraterrestrial majesty and affluence and divinity. Beauty and charm of other mountains were nothing as compared to the celestial beauty of the divinely blessed mountain. Therefore, lord Mahadeva with intent to fulfill long cherished desires of goddess Parvati preferred this extremely captivating mountain for the goddess of tapa and penance. Shiva constructed a wonderful celestial palace for the holy consort. Time to love and create appeared to have arrived.

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