Shiva Purana: Vayaveeya Samhita - 9

As I Know: The Lord of the Mountains – Shiv Purana: 132

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White complexioned goddess Parvati blesses gods, frees them from the atrocities of daityas while vyagara protects the hermitage because he is a devotee of goddess, whom none can hurt and therefore, gets the status of gana

The killing of the daityas was a little and short detour but was inevitable for obvious reasons. After Supreme Brahma revealed the purpose of visit to Parvati in the ashrama, she was apparently calm and patient, for Brahma was an elder son, father-in-law, Pitamahah and a Guru. He was also father of Daksa, her father. Thus, she had deep and lasting relations with Brahma. Now, meditation was over and so, she immediately cast off black complexion, and looked a white-complexioned goddess.

As a black-complexioned goddess Kaushiki, had now attained white complexion. She Gauridevi (Parvati) said to Brahma, “Have you seen the lion – a vyagra, in the ashrama? He protected the hermitage from the evil and violent beasts of the forest. He is fully devoted and sings hymns of praise. Therefore, to grant security to the lion is very important. He will now wander in my antapura, the queen’s palace. Shiva will confer on him the status of the lord of ganas. I shall go with this unique guard and friend, and shall lead him properly. O lord, grant approval because you are prajapati.”

Brahma knew everything and none could hide anything from him. He smiled, as he knew the cruelties and crimes of vyagra (lion) of earlier life and did not hesitate to reveal evil objectives and doings.

He said, “He is a cruel and brutal beast among the malicious and cruel animals. It surprises that you show mercy. Why do you pour nectar into the mouth of a snake? He is an evil beast of the night in the guise of a vyagra. He ate many cows and brahmins, holy men of tapa. He tortures and gives troubles to innocent living beings and continues to move about in various guises. He must get warning for the wicked karmas. He should also get reprimand for evil doings, quite natural fallout. Do not take pity. What good he did to you O goddess as he nurses evil thoughts in mind?”

Goddess knew everything about the beast and therefore, said, “O lord, whatever you said is correct. He must be an evil incarnate but came to seek shelter here and therefore, I must not desert.”

Brahma was pleased when he heard magnificent words of generosity and kindness. However, after a thought, he said, “O goddess, I revealed earlier life of the lion (vyagra) without knowing that he is deeply devoted to you. If he is sincere in devotion, then, no damage will accrue because of previous karmas. Since I know, no one can harm a devotee howsoever he tries and I understand, no one can destroy a devotee of goddess. He, who does not obey you, does not know what happens even if he were a man of virtuous karmas. O goddess, you are unborn, an embodiment of wisdom, the ancient power and the goddess of goddesses.”

Brahma praised goddess Parvati eloquently.

After a long pause, he resumed, “Attachment to life and material world and deliverance from bondages and snares is under your control. Who is the power beyond you? Who can get perfection out of karmas without your grace? You are the supreme power of innumerable ganas. He, who is the doer without the power, will not get any success. If lord Vishnu, gods, demons and raksasas get joys and pleasures of the world, it is because of your grace and endorsement. You are the cause and reason of the divine pleasure and delights.”

He said again, “O goddess, myriad Brahmas, Vishnus, Rudras and other created beings, obey your instructions while they live, pray, worship, enjoy and go after fulfilling the assigned task. Thereafter, they live in the present, go to unknown worlds at the time of mahapralaya (annihilation) and thereafter, new created beings, celestial beings and gods come, exist, enjoy, worship and go at the time of mahapralaya and thus, at the time of another creation they exist in future. Therefore, the cycle of creation, preservation and destruction continues.”

After a pause, he said, “O goddess, without meditating on you, even the greatest among the gods cannot attain the blessings and purashartha of dharma. A mere resolve brings about transformation in the tattva of Brahma and other steady tattvas. It means even Brahma can become stagnant as a fixed tree and can assume the form of Brahma. O goddess, it is because of these facts and truths that you lay down the doctrine of reward, penalty and retribution invariably for the iniquitous and virtuous Karmas.”

Supreme Brahma was unable to describe the virtues and incomparable powers of goddess. He looked at the benign and generous face of goddess Parvati and said, “O goddess, you are the eternal divine power of the lord of universe, the three worlds and lord Shiva, and you are without the beginning, the middle and the end. You are eternal. You enter into a wonderful image and demonstrate delusory powers for the benefit of people’s journey of life. O goddess, I tell you that nobody can understand you. Therefore, if the sinful and violent vyagra gets salvation and perfection, none can become a hurdle.”

Supreme Brahma reminded the goddess of supreme essence of life and the divine plan, and thereafter, made a request. Goddess Gauri was free from tapa. Brahma, with a positive nod from the goddess disappeared. Thereafter, the goddess remembered parents – Himvana and Maina, who suffered because of separation from the beloved daughter. She wanted to see the great lord now. She also wished to go the parents, for it was a sacred obligation. She returned, appeared before the parents, bowed, saluted and assured parents in many words.

She looked at the wonderful garden of tapa and fixed gaze at the beautiful, flowers and trees. The trees shed tears it appeared. All the objects of nature, flowers, birds and beasts experienced anguish, for she was likely to leave them. Agony of separation from the beloved goddess distressed. She knew it but nostalgic memories of close relations also disturbed.

She was anxious to have darshana of husband Shiva. She also wished to go to the parents, for it was a sacred obligation.

Therefore, she asked aurus son Vyagara to escort her along with friends to the palace of the great lord.

Goddess illuminated all the ten directions and varied regions with the dazzling light originating out of the body. Thus, the goddess began journey to the great and the most wonderful mountain of Mandrachal where the foundation of universe, the creator, the preserver and the destroyer of the three worlds, beloved husband lord Mehashwara, lived. Supreme goddess was extremely happy that she had fulfilled the word given to husband lord Shiva.

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