Subseven – Beware of this one!

Last time we saw how Trojans work and what general facilities they provide. Today we look into "Subseven" – the most dangerous Trojan available on the net. Its ferocity lies in its simplicity. It is so simple to use that any Tom, Dick and Harry can use it. IQ level required to use subseven is below normal though to infect people you do need to have sufficient intelligence.

The interface of subseven is a bit bunched up. But the power it imparts is tremendous. On the left pane you have options like Connection, key/messages, advanced, fun, extra fun etc. Each of these is a menu that offers much more usability. The connection tab allows you to scan IP addresses to search for a particular victim infected by the subseven server. It also allows you to get all information about the victim including his home address and telephone number!!.

The key tab allows you to send keystrokes to the victim. So if you press Ctrl+Alt+Del on your PC, you can effectively boot you victims PC. Also the most powerful feature of subseven is that it allows you to retrieve offline keys. These are the keys you just enter before you go online. 90% of time, these are your dial-up username and password. So next time you see a deficit of 50 hours in your newly acquired internet account, you know whom to blame.

One of the unique and outstanding feature of subseven is The Matrix. After you have connected to the victim's PC, you can activate the matrix and whatever you type is displayed in green letters on your victims screen.( Remember "Wake up Neo").

The advanced tab, as the name suggests offers more power to you. You can search files, modify the registry, get cached passwords (passwords where you chose the "Remember password option"), open the PC as a ftp port, etc. In short, it can really mess you up.

Most people seem to like the fun part of subseven. Here you can activate the screensaver, change screen resolution, get access to web cam (i.e. if the victim has one), etc. The extra fun has options to reverse mouse buttons, shut down windows, change time-date, etc.

The latest version of subseven is 2.2. This is packed with more features like Text-speech where whatever you type is spoken out on the victims PC. The revolutionary feature of this version is the "icon-changer". Now one can assign any icon to the subseven server. So you can find subseven servers in Winamp, Ultraedit or real player icon and if you are not careful, you are doomed. The fact that subseven is most dangerous because no antivirus seems to detect it. I tried fully updated versions of Mcaffee 4.03 and Norton Antivirus 2001 and they were helpless against the power of subseven. Mcaffee 5.12 does detect subseven Trojan 2.1 gold but I am not sure it'll be able to detect the latest version about to release.

The purpose of this article is not to promote destructive activities using subseven. I want you to acknowledge the genius of the person who invented this deadly tool (His name is Mobman). What I don't understand is that why don't they put their genius minds to creative purposes. Though it can be argued that Subseven can be used as a creative tool if used in proper direction. As they say, technology is a good servant but a bad master.

If you want to play with this subseven thing, be prepared to face the music yourself. If you are not careful then you may infect yourself and there will be no way to save you from the hands of eagerly waiting hackers. You can find subseven Here.

So take this article in its right sense, be careful and have a nice day.  


More by :  Mayur Kamat

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