Flash Interface Part 1

Flash has a very user-friendly interface. All the main options can be easily accessed through a variety of buttons distributed in toolbar placed at convenient locations.

The Standard Toolbar with the most used Open, Save, Copy, Cut, Paste and Print Options is located at the top of the window. This is a dockable toolbar and can be placed at any location the user wants by dragging it to that location using the handle.

New File - As the name goes, it is used to create a new Flash movie file.

Open File - It is used to open Flash Fla's (Flash Files) from the user's hard disk.

Save File -  The most commonly seen and heavily used save button.

Print File - Prints the Flash file on paper.

Print Preview- Shows a preview of the things the user will get on paper.

Cut, Copy, Paste - These buttons are used for copying and pasting from one place to another.

Undo, Redo - Used for correcting mistakes as no one  is perfect.

Snap - Used to snap objects to the grid ( View > Grid or Ctrl + Alt + Shift + G). It is used while making motion guides to hold the objects to the guides.

Smoothen - It is used to smoothen the lines highlighted by the arrow (or cursor).

Straighten - It is used for straightening the lines.

Rotate - It is used to rotate the symbols and objects by 360° using the handles which appear around the object.

Scale - It is used to shrink or increase the size of symbols/objects using the handles which appear around the symbol/object.

Align - It is used to align a given set of symbols/objects in a particular way in the work-area.

Zoom Control - Controls the size on the work-area which can be seen by the user at one glance.

These control are bunched together in the standard toolbar as shown below


Be sure to read the next article which deals with the remaining part of the Flash Interface. 


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