Ankur Kamthe


Just as The Rock (Of WWF fame) says "It doesn't matter what your name is ....." I would like to start by saying that I am 19 years old, doing my Electronics Engineering in Vivekananda IoT, Bombay. My hobbies are watching Formula 1 racing (Michael Schumacher is my hero) and playing Chess. I also love to read and listen to music (at times simultaneously which happens to irritate my mother ). I am also the editor for a magazine called "e-m@il" in my college for a society called the Students' Forum for Electronics. 

My romance with Flash began a few years ago and now I am really crazy about it. So I want to share some of my ideas with like-minded people. It would make me feel good if I get response from you people out there. Just as the Metallica song goes 'Nothing Else Matters ...'

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