Flash Interface Part 2

Let us continue from where we left last time.

The Timeline: ( Ctrl + Alt + T )
The Timeline represents changes in the various symbols and objects in the movie. If  you right -click at the place where Layer 1 is typed, a new menu emerges with options like Add New Layer, Add Guide, etc. If one wants to superimpose objects on each other then he/she can make use of layers in the movie.

The Library: ( Ctrl + L )
The library, as the name goes, is a place where reusable elements are stored. It is basically a collection of graphics, buttons and movie-clips used in the making of the movie.

The Stage:
The stage is a place where all the components of the movie come together to make a Flash movie. The stage displays the frame at a particular point on the timeline. It displays the various symbols present at that point in the movie.

So now that we have covered the things needed to make a simple movie in Flash, we can start making a movie in Flash from next time. So stay in touch. Till next time, Goodbye.


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