Actions impart interactivity to a movie. You can create actions on frames by double-clicking the keyframe or the symbols, which you want to come alive in the movie. By clicking the Plus sign you add actions, and the minus sign removes them. Here is a list of what actions you can add :
  1. GoTo
  2. Get URL
  3. OnMouseEvent
  4. Tell Target
  5. If Frame is Loaded
  6. FS Command
  7. Load Movie
  8. Unload Movie

This command allow you to send the viewer to a certain area of the movie. You can control the way you want the GoTo settings to behave  

  • GoTo and Stop : The movie proceeds to a frame/scene and stops out there.  
  • GoTo and Play : : The movie proceeds to a frame/scene and the scene plays from there onwards
  • Scene : Specify the scene where you want the movie to proceed to.
  • Frame Number : : Specify the frame no. where you want the movie to proceed to.
  • Label : Goes to the frame with the label. ( One can label a frame by double –clicking on that frame and giving it a label )
  • Next Frame : Goes to the next frame
  • Previous Frame : Goes to the previous frame
This is where you can tell a button or frame to fetch a URL and and the target to load it at. For assured results use the full URL path. And for email just use the regular -- -- address.


To use FS Commands you need to be familiar with Javascript. It uses Javascript to send commands to the browser. Many don't have the need to use this feature anymore due to the greater scripting capabilities available in Flash 4.


This command allows you to load .swf movies into seperate 'layers' called "LEVELS". Movies that are loaded into different levels should be the same dimension. Your base movie is considered Level 0. All the other movies that you choose to load you can place in a level of your choice ranging from 0-16000. If you load another movie into Level 0 though, you will have to reload your main movie again if you need it back.

Allows you to have great control over Movie Clips. Only movie clips with Instance Names can be controlled with Tell Target Commands. Give a Movie Clip a name by double clicking it, and under the Definition tab adding a name under Instance Options. When you go to add a Tell Target action it will give you a list of all the Movie Clips Instances to choose from. Then from there you can add GoTo actions, Play, Stop, or whatever.

This is used for PreLoader movies. It checks to see if a certain frames has been loaded, if so then movie starts -- if not, then loading sequence repeats itself.

Now this is for buttons only. You have the ability to have these kind of events for the button:
On Press
On Release
On Release Outside
On RollOver
On RollOut
On DragOver
On DragOut


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