Nature has a Lot to Give

Workshop # 1

I search...
for meaning
even in a fallen leaf...
I want to know why
that particular leaf
got stuck where it did
when it fell of its mother branch...

I search
for reasons
in the details of nature...
nature has a lot to give
only if we know how to take...

Nature knows
complete harmony
between the forces
of life and death...

Nature imbibes the best
from what's lost
to pass it on for nurturing
the infant and the adult...

The greatest trees
face the greatest storms...
even a blade of grass
has its battles to fight
an ant has so much food to store...
the caterpillar
has to metamorphose into beauty...

Look for answers
when the heart can find none
in fellow hearts...
nature has a lot to give...


More by :  Ambika Bhatt

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