Ambika Bhatt


"Poetry is not something that one learns. Poetry is either a part of us, or it isn't." Since the age of 12, life has been like a repertoire of verses for Ambika, born in 1977 and currently living in Gwalior, India. She likes to gather in verse what life scatters in prose. Poetry is life-breath for her.

Ambika is a post-graduate in English Literature from Indraprashta Collge, Delhi University. She loves music, poetry, traveling and photography. She likes to capture the details of nature that often go unnoticed. A simple ant on a barbed wire, or maybe the evening sun falling on the dark green leaves of Cape Jasmine, wild flowers and butterflies - these are what catch Ambika's interests.

In her own words, "I believe that poetry should reflect what life has taught us, if not directly, then in between the lines. Poetry for me is also a very introspective process; I like to depict the exact way my thoughts wander in the mind; the character of those very thoughts and how they affect me. I think I can say that my view of life is very microscopic, but in a strange way, because of my experiences I hope I am able to add the quality of universality in my poems. I really do feel that without that quality a poem loses most of its importance and charm. A poet is someone the whole world can relate to, his feelings are more introspective than the others but they should be essentially the feelings of humanity at large. A poet's world is an isolated world but includes in itself the qualities of the entire universe."

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