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Although our whole life story can be summarized in quotes, wish life was as simple as “quoting” quotes ;)

I would rather be a fool and fall in love than be wise and not love at all...

Love is not a matter of the mind; It has always been an affair of the heart...

The more you love a person, the more you lose your ego...

Love makes you break all Barriers. In Friendship, you can only go that extra mile...

I feel more comfortable thinking of you than sharing my thoughts with you.

IMPOSSIBLE is a Word Impossible for a Man of Mission.

Expect the Best. Be prepared for the Worst.

Love never measures....It simply gives....

I love all religions and I believe there are good and bad people in every religion, just as there are good and bad days in our life of joys and sorrows.

Sometimes people don't fight to win. They just fight to survive.

Money has Worth. Love is Priceless.

Life is Short. Love is Eternal. Life without Love is Lifeless.

Motherhood is a sweet pain every mother cherishes having...

A Young Heart Never Grows Old.

You don't gain by withholding, you gain by giving...

The more you love....the more you give....

We cling to Hope in Despair.

Life is worth living...Make yourself worthy of it.

Nothing is Impossible if you Try.

The sweetest things are the simplest in life.

Pleasures come in small packages :-)

Love is the eternal feeling that remains unchanged within the confines of your metaphysical existence.

Imagination...Thy name is unimaginable passion.

Every sunset heralds a sunrise. Every night beckons a day :)

Writing can live without me...but I cannot live without writing !

Friendship is all about Mutuality, neither Individuality nor Singularity.

In true friendship, one can express anything and everything without feeling ashamed or afraid of being rejected.

LOVE : Love Oozes Varied Emotions.

The sweet pleasure of pain reveals itself in poetry...

I've loved myself through you...as in loving you, I've loved myself too.


Where the birds are, the cats cannot be far.

There is always a First time, when it comes to the Mind and the Heart, thinking and feeling something, never thought and felt before...

It is so hard to break social barriers and yet so easy to break hearts.

They say time heals....though I'm yet to find a healer in time.

You can please some people, or may be, even most people, but not all...never, ever the whole world.

Advice for every woman on this earth: No man is worth wasting your life for

Love doesn't listen to Logic. It has a mind of its own !

Life is like the scales of balance, tipping up and down like a see-saw, in a continuum of joy to sorrow.

Life is a dream. I'll wake up in death.

When life comes to a standstill, poetry keeps me going....

Reciprocity : The Law of Give and Take that makes us practise the pleasure principle in this Symbiosis of Life.

In affairs of the heart, matters of the mind don't work.

Counselling doesn't work in Love. Love-Making Works Wonders...

Every Expression of yours is an Impression you create in the hearts and minds of people around you...

The imprisonment of love is much more painful than the imprisonment of life.

Love hath no cures and so it endures...
Writer's Endeavour - Reader's Pleasure - What A Treasure !
Though perfection is a distant goal...Practice makes it achievable - If not 100 % at least 99.9% !

Nothing is hard if you are determined to do it.

Expect the unexpected and you'll not be disappointed.

There is a Child in every Man who seeks a Mother in every Woman.
Life is Unpredictable...So am I !

Nature is a natural healer.

Pleasant surprises from people or places we don't expect feel all the more pleasant :-)

Man is a physical settler but a mental vagabond.
(physically we may be settled / located at one place but mentally we are all nomads, wandering away where the mind wants to be...that is where thoughts, dreams and imagination come to play...!!)

To all the men in this world: Don't take liberties with girls. If you fall in love, they'll make you lose your freedom and bondage you forever !
(if not physically, then psychologically with thoughts, dreams, feelings and fantasies...)       

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