The Messiah

  Varying with his whims
To his tune we dance
Casting a spell
Weaving us in a trance.

Soon we're familiar
To what he would preach
Needless to say
They're followed without a breach.

Placed on a pedestal
Worshipped as a divine being
For his awesome knowledge of sacred texts and religious readings....
Wielding power beyond comprehension.

Like a chameleon
He transforms himself
Unabashedly sporting a new look
For the times they're a changing....
Dangling a cigarette between his fingers
Flaunting a cellular phone
Surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women.....
The image a wee bit anachronistic
For a messenger of God.

What message does he strive to propagate in this new avataar?
did he truly spent hours and hours on meditation
to acquire his exalted status?
Is he a prophet of enlightenment?
Is he a prophet of doom?
Divergent views....
Since time immemorial
Lesser mortals have sought his blessings
To heal their sufferings
Tales abound about miraculous feat
Is he just a conjuror?
Making us wonder
Does he truly possess a panacea to all ills in our society?


More by :  Subhajit Ghosh

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