One morning in spring
I was feeling very low,
A walk in the park, I thought 
Would make my spirits soar.

The birds were chirping
The flowers were in full bloom,
Seeing the beauty all around
Melted away my gloom.

In songs and flights
In nips and bites
Love was in the air,
In the flowers, in the pollen
In the petals that had fallen
Love was everywhere.

All were roaming in pairs
Whether humans, animals or birds,
They were speaking the language of love
In silence, caresses or words.

Spring the season of love
As ordained by mother nature,
Was holding in its thrall
Almost every creature.

In this sea of happiness
I was feeling very lonesome,
Desperately I looked for a partner
Who was loving as well as winsome.

I saw a pretty lady
Sitting under a tree,
With a book in her hand
She appeared quite busy.

I sat down beside her
Looking at her visage,
Was this angel face for real
Or was she a mirage?

Suddenly closing the book
She looked at me,
"The last pages are missing
What happens? Can someone tell me?"

I had read the book many a time
I told her the ending,
The story was a tragedy
The denouement heart rending.

Tears in her lovely eyes, she asked
"Why are all love stories so tragic?"
Is it because after sometime
Love loses its magic?"

"Love that is true
Love that is pristine,
Is everlasting," I said
Taking her hand in mine.

And thus began
The love story of our life,
The saga continues,
Even though we are man and wife.

Now when I ask her,
"You chose me because my persona was riveting?"
"No, silly, " she says smiling
"It was the season of spring."


More by :  Ramendra Kumar

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