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Any channel you want to see a movie, it is Not Ad-free

So many Ads keep coming and interrupting the Movie-Show.

I thought of searching YouTube for some good movies without Ads.

I found that some movies have been uploaded without any Ads and some movies give you the option of skipping the Ad just after the first 5 secs and then you can watch the Movie distraction free

So here's a playlist of some of my Fav Movies - Have uploaded 9 till now.

This is how it will run continuously, one movie after the other

You can stop, pause and play - as you wish :-)

As and when I find some more good movies, I'll add them to this Playlist.

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And if you are Not a Movie Buff, please pass on these Links to those in your friends and family who would want to watch good Ad-free movies.

That's the Update for Now.

Happy Seeing & Sharing,
Love Always, APARNA :)

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