In the evening of life

              Superannuation always sounds a bit pompous as a word.  I would rather call it easing into the evening of life.  This is not to say that the formative or the subsequent phase of development is of little value.  If that is the case there will be nothing to look back on or turn your eyes to the future.  In most cases retirement seems to have a jarring impact because of the overwhelming anxiety about health or the possibility of becoming a waste.  Neither is true.  Many remain active in specialized tasks one way or the other though they may not be painting the town red. 
               Writing is one though skill levels and perceptions vary when one takes the laptop on his lap.  Whether one sets out to put down his opinions – political, social, literary or otherwise – he is normally held back by a query whether it would pass as mediocre, too laudatory or stringent.  Often one is also plagued by reservations that he is too condemnatory.  But a certain width of familiarity with facts and data gives a stamp of certitude and realism to the opinions expressed.  Once this cautionary sign is taken care of then writing does become a pleasure.  And opinions also are worth a look and the author gains in confidence too. 
               Perhaps sounding a bit pedantic or pedestrian?  I was testing myself as to how I would generalize on the creative exercise of writing and how valid it sounds.  Creative writing?  That takes one into a different realm altogether and let me not dwell on the cliché that it is the most satisfying (exhilarating, if it comes out really well) exercise though one has to grit his teeth doing it.
              Poetry from Plato’s days has been the Spoken Word though it has been eased into the sidelines consistently down the generations.  So pathetic it is that many celebrated poets ended up publishing books with no hope of selling them.  Thereby hang quite a few tales like “tattered coats on a stick.”
              However poetry is perhaps the most incisive, revelatory medium where the author comes out in all transparency.  Be it imagery or socio-cultural setting one is able to identify, if not relate to, the specificity/historical significance of a poem though not its full ambience.  It is because of the poet’s distinctive upbringing in a different milieu.  But it is revelatory, nonetheless. 
              Yet it is not marketable or has not been properly marketed.   This despite the fact that there are hundreds who keep punching away at the laptop earnestly to show their fascination for it. 
              What keeps them going?  Just an amorphous feeling that it is creative and meaningful.  Or even an escape from the overbearing routine of earning their bread.  Once the routine is a thing of the past cozy up in the room and give shape to what you feel.        


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Comment Yes Mr. Mouli. You have put it in the nutshell. I cannot add anything more to it.

22-Dec-2013 21:27 PM

Comment As rightly pointed superannuation means end of the road for many.It may sound pompous too, for some! I feel that real pleasure and peace in performing what one loves step in sweetly, silently.Most satisfying phase in life begins then only.Pure bliss lies ahead,sir. Writing certainly takes care of every one, if approached and practiced properly.With plenty of time on hand, without constraints of work pressure witnessed while in office,one can comfortably plan and utilise all energy , god given talent and acquired wisdom in meaningful, fulfilling pursuits.One is reminded of Ulysses' desire to 'drink life to the lees.' How wonderfully Tennyson has given an account of what can be done in the evening of life! Regards

T.S.Chandra Mouli
22-Dec-2013 12:28 PM

Comment Point taken. In fact no writer, I suppose, has the audience in mind especially when he is putting down his combination of experiences and perceptions on paper. And he is certainly not worried about how it will be received. For in that event he will be curbed by his fears or reservations. Why Wordworth a lot of English/American poets looked inside for expression and might have even been surprised if they found an echo in an applauding audience. Robert Frost was hosted by JFK for reading his poems and he did find an echo in the audience. Mushairrahs of yore had the same ambience with a lot of "ayes" because of instant rapport.

08-Dec-2013 21:31 PM

Comment Writing poems requires not just solitude and flair for words but also the poets' ability to translate the innermost thoughts/feelings/dreams and whatever into cogent and precise. poems Wordsworth wrote a number of poems on nature, while doing daily walks without thinking that it would be widely read and a must in English literature text books. History will assess you if your poems definitely reflect elements of truth and beauty. There are number of new writers who made stunningly debut novels/stories etc but faded away soon. A poet should not think too much about how his poems are received as it would not help to grow.

08-Dec-2013 05:15 AM

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