K.S. Subramanian


K.S.Subramanian is a senior journalist who had a long stint with an outstanding national daily in the editorial. He has also had his stints with Indian Express and Times of India.  He did MA in English literature from Kerala and also MA in Defence Studies in Madras University. Besides Post-graduate diploma in Journalism from Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.
He has published two volumes of poetry Ragpickers and Treading on gnarled sand through the Writers Workshop, Kolkata. His poems have appeared in Asian Age, Hansindia and several web sites including browncritique (in its latest March 2017 issue and in 2013), museindia.com, unesco.it, poetrymagazine.com,  poemhunter.com, and Yorickmagazine.com(summer and fall issue, 2013), Greysparrow journal, www.synapse.net, wordsapartmag.com(Issue 6), GloMag, poetrypacific, Poets corner, Madnessmusepress, Kingston Writers Creative Blog, Cafedissensus.com, Verbal Art Journal, tlhjournal.com, thecriterion.com, the criterion August 2016 issue, Vigilpub, Tuck magazine, inkpantry.com and the recent issue of  phenomenalliterature.com, The local Train magazine and Verse of silence July issue 2019,  pikerpress.com and Different Truths, inkspire, offline thinker and Saarangibooks, feversofthemind.com and Borderless Journal.  Also in Glo, a digital magazine. 
Poems have also appeared in printed anthologies such this.is,(an anthology brought out Birgitta Jonasdottir, a poet from Iceland, In Your own words brought by Marlow Peerse Weaver abroad.  Also in Guntur anthologies and Efflorescence of Chennai Poets circle, Purush an anthology of international poets brought out by Arindam Roy in Decenber 2022 besides others. Article on Carol Ann Duffy, British poet, carried in langlit.org. Cafe dissensus carried his article on Kushwant Singh's book The Good, the bad and the ridiculous. 

Recently a short story "Glistening Metal" was published in the June 2016 issue of Indianruminations.com, Thulasi has flowered in museindia.com, indianreview.in, and The tipping point and Divyang ray in setumag.com, Pittsburg.  Rebirth appeared in Tuck magazine.  Ghatotkach's mace, a short story, appeared in setumag.com recently, Rishikesh, a short story, in Kitaab, and Turning of the tide in literaryyard.com.  Poems have appeared in Apricity magazine in November issue of 2016.  

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