Theme: Life

To Live Life All Over Again

Let me not do a U-turn of

my neck to see the past.

Skill sets that lost their sheen

in time, high hopes slithering down

a slippery slope and scorned by

ingrate times that sang an ode to Darwin.

Warm a pedigreed chair with emaciated stare,

or a rickety one unfit for your pedigree.

My chagrined inner voice said

“Fruit is not the milestone, karma is”

Me, fellow mortals, were never shy of

bending our backs, cerebral sparks

that lighted many, pleased a few.

But landed as always where destined

with a sickening thud and inner nudge

“this is not what you strove for….”

Soon days wove into burdened years

When stars shone less in a dark dawn,

my own halo eclipsed in the oblivion.

An old raging song that stirred the chords

Of a crowd lost suddenly in the eerie!

Years later had an awkward timbre

when resung on a changed string!

I sense the new faces, old hopes straining

to carve a frame, new light!

I go back to my dusky sky, see where

I slipped amid the stars which shone once.


More By  :  K.S. Subramanian

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