Enemy Within Us

Fear is one of the most awesome enemy or negative attribute among all living beings. Of them, humans, being the most evolved, intelligent and resourceful are also perhaps most vulnerable to this dark knight. Fear comes in varying form inflicting anxiety and panic to people under its spell. People have common fear of loss, failure, safety, darkness, ghosts and death etc. Some people have fear of height, depth, water, fire, thieves, rats, cockroaches, lizards, so and so forth…the list is so long and countless.

When encountered with an imminent danger or perception of it, people are under the siege of  sometimes rational but most often irrational fear or terror which is perhaps worst enemy because it suppresses or takes away our logical and rational thinking leaving us weak and vulnerable. In such situations, the need of time is how to keep cool, endure and get rid of irrational insecurities while handling the real threat or danger. Irrational fear is perhaps our worst enemy which we need to endure and ward off. For illustration, a large number of deaths on account of snake bite are due to shock out of fear and consequent heart failure rather than venom. It is a well known fact that the majority of snakes are poison less and actually serve as friends rather than foes.

Therefore, it is of vital importance that a person tries to maintain cool when threatened with a fear. This allows him a rational and logical application of mind which increase chances for finding ways to bail out from difficult situations including life threatening ones.

As per an Arabian folktale, an old man was walking on a desert road when he encountered with Pestilence. He noticed that Pestilence was going in a big hurry. So out of sheer curiosity, he enquired from the latter about the cause of his hurry. Pestilence replied that he was due to take five thousand lives in Baghdad so he was thrilled and hurrying ahead to achieve his goal. On his journey back, the old man reproached him that he was mandated to take only five thousand lives and instead he took ten thousand. On this, Pestilence swore about his intent and honesty. He told the old man on oath that he had taken precisely five thousand lives and the remaining five thousand were killed by their own fear.

More By  :  Dr. Jaipal Singh

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