This Christmas

We went on a holiday to Holiday Inn ;)


Actually, NO.

We went to Slough - Windsor but the weather was so harsh, that we sought shelter in our car and hotel and so most of the snaps you'll see of ours are indoors :-)

We braved the cold, windy, rainy and stormy weather to go all the way to see Windsor Castle as the 'posh & plush' semi-state rooms (the private apartments of George IV) are only open during the Winter.

Sorry we couldn't bring in photos of those majestic interiors as photography is not allowed because all that flashing may damage their precious artefacts and treasures as about 1 million tourists visit the place every year - and so if snapping would have been allowed, you can well imagine all the clicking done by all of them !!!

However, here are some snaps - 46 to be precise - a slideshow of 3 mins that will give you some glimpses of the castle precincts and of course, us :) within the cosy interiors of our car and hotel - Holiday Inn :)

Happy Viewing :-)


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