The Game of Opportunism

I really feel pity for this innocent reptile lizard, the chameleon when people so often relate it to covert and deceitful politicians. It is indeed an insult for this harmless creature who adopts colours for social signaling and camouflages with the surroundings as an survival instinct mainly for protection from enemies. Only ingenious and cunning human beings are capable of giving such a negative shade to a natural defensive instinct.
I don’t like calling names or making comments on the personal conduct or attributes of people. But sometimes, you feel so agitated as an aware and responsible citizen that it becomes impossible to ignore certain things. So I was really amused, and amazed as well, finding this erstwhile social activist turned over ambitious politician making a public statement that in this country the communalism and corruption are two problems, and the communalism is more dangerous than the corruption these days. On the face of it seems so simple but the statement gains significance in public eyes and an eyesore to aware citizens because ever since he joined active politics, the gentleman had been making corruption as the sole plank, repeatedly posturing himself as the honest person having joined politics with no other ambition than eradicating the corruption to serve the common man.
So it seems that he has already accomplished his goal with enough service to the people and nation. Hence now he is out to eradicate communalism as his next mission. One doesn't need to go too far to understand the real cause behind this tactical overture. The tactics of politicians playing the game of secularism versus communalism in India to serve their vested interests is not new. It looks strange to find how a person tirelessly announcing his honesty and selflessness from the roof tops literally branding all others as dishonest and corrupt people, so easily changes his track overnight finding communalism as more potent cause as also weapon for achieving ends. But equally strange is the fact that many people are found unable to understand such cunning and deceitful game for so long as to give a mandate to the person. Sometimes I feel if it is really true that there is no room for a clean and well intentioned person in the politics.
Well then, after all in this land, at times even a convicted person or a known criminal is able to muster enough support to win mandate from people during an election. So perhaps the social, economical and political complexities and differences in this country will continue to provide ideal conditions for the manipulative politicians to shamelessly pursue and  keep on playing this game of opportunism for more time to come.

More By  :  Dr. Jaipal Singh

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