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Dedicated to my Daughter :-)
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March is the B'day month of my dearest, darling daughter

She'll be 10 years old this month.

Time flies....just the other day she was born in 2004....and now she's gonna be 10.

However old she grows....for me, she'll always be my little baby.

Wanted to dedicate this lovely song to her for her B'day as all the words of this song keep reminding me of her :-)

I've listened to it umpteen times and keep humming it....sometimes with her, sometimes without her.

Even she has loved the song very much and of course, the visuals are wonderful, so is the music by R.D. Burman

I came across this song while compiling a playlist on Harihar Jethalal Zariwala also known to us as Haribhai

Who's he?!

Don't you know?!

He's the extremely talented actor Sanjeev Kumar who gave us movies like Mausam (1977), Aandhi (1976), Koshish (1974) and many more....

Now let me tell you a bit more about the song. It is Chaandni Re Jhoom

Sung by Kishore / Lata in 3 separate versions; enacted by Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bachchan with a child artist, lyrics are by the one and only Majrooh Sultanpuri and the movie is Naukar (1979)

Here's how all the 3 versions play

You can also see this song in the playlist that I made on Sanjeev Kumar

Here's how this Playlist runs

And if you are looking for the super hit comedy movie Naukar (1979) from which this beautiful song has been taken

It is here in this Films playlist that has movies old and new, some I've watched, some I've yet to view.

That's a lot of sharing for now.

Have a HAPPY HOLI that is on March 17th, this year.



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