Greed For Power

Among all temptations in life of a man, perhaps the greed for power is the strongest one. The obvious reasons appear to be that when one is empowered, all other luxuries and antiquities of life automatically fall in line. Hence it is not surprising that people craving for the power adopt and exploit all overt and covert methods, deceit and conceit in life and even the universal values like honesty and integrity to the best of their advantage.

So I don’t find it at all strange when a person with moderate success in life joins a service, shows cravings for the social service, becomes a social activist making use of a popular banner and finally jumps into the national politics mimicking as champion of the causes of the common man. You enter in a jungle, among the herds of squirrels, rabbits, deer and monkeys, and likes, you will find several wolves and hyenas but a royal tiger or lion would usually be scant and often one. The position in the social jungle too would not be much different.

Every person has a right to pursue his or her objectives and goals in life. The issue is aggravated and becomes objectionable only when you keep on announcing from the roof tops about your intention to be champion of the causes of the common man in a selfless manner, and then resort to deceitful and conceitful means to serve the own cravings for power. Otherwise why a person who professes for honesty, clean politics and corruption free state, instead of actually working for the causes, resorts to cheap gimmicks of mud slinging and criticism of all and sundry all the time.

Rightly so, the self professed honest person who acts always in a mode of branding others to be dishonest without sufficient reasons and proof should first of all do his own critical analysis if he (or she) really meets standards and cannons of propriety to represent the honest face of people. Otherwise he is also like one of many who inter in the politics to serve their own interests while pretending to be messiah of the common man. And interestingly, this is one country where every one gets enough share of the cake (power!) irrespective of actually being honest or dishonest due to a majority always seeking concessions and freebies under various compulsions.

More By  :  Dr. Jaipal Singh

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