Yesterday while searching images of Khushwant Singh for some Boloji poems, I chanced upon this Photo of the popular Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna. This photo is of his arrival at the cremation ground with his wife Kavita for paying their last respects to the eminent writer who passed away at the age of 99.

What shocked me is the way he has changed, losing his dashing looks to old age, now that he is 67 years old. He used to be such a handsome actor with superb acting skills.

Time takes its toll on everyone....

To relive his magic, I devoted some time today in searching out some beautiful songs of his and making a playlist dedicated to his glorious years....

Anokhi Ada (1973), Imtihan (1974), Parvarish (1977), Lahu Ke Do Rang (1979), Qurbani (1980), Satyamev Jayate (1987), Dayavan (1988), Chandni (1989) and Jurm (1990) are some of the 141 movies he's given us in his career spanning more than 4 decades. Listing them all would be too time-taking and pain-staking for me. Obviously, I haven't watched them all but the few that I've seen made me realise the immense talent he had coupled with a superb physique and a seductive face.

Leaving you today with this new playlist on this Adonis



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