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What is Ailurophobia ?!
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No, it's not a fear of allergies.


Ailurophobia is an abnormal and persistent fear of cats to an extreme and irrational degree wherein sufferers not only dread the bite or scratch of a cat but they also consider the cat as an evil omen. They realize the irrationality of it all but still cannot prevent themselves from reacting anxiously by seeing a cat whether dead or alive, even if it is a non-living piece like a showpiece, a picture, an image on the telly or PC. Their anxiety reactions can make them sweat profusely, have breathing difficulties or even become hysterical at the mere sight or sound of a cat purring because they just cannot tolerate this animal. They loathe it.

The term Ailurophobia is derived from the Greek word Ailuros which means Cat and Phobes which means Fear. It is also known as Felinophobia.

Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, Mussolini and Hitler - they were all believed to have suffered from this morbid fear of cats.

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