Be Honest In Acts And Deeds

Dr. Jaipal Singh
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If a person is honest with his (or her) integrity beyond doubt, he doesn’t have to be loud mouth giving certificate to self all the time. It’s a new trend that a new breed of politicians are doing it from the public platforms time and again as if only they and their handful (opportunist!) supporters have patented honesty and all others who are not with them are dishonest and corrupt.

There is no doubt that the unemployment, inflation and corruption are the main problems or evils that this country is facing contemporarily. So it is welcome if a genuine leader comes out with a clear vision and roadmap for future to address these problems in times ahead while seeking mandate from people. But repeating only the same slogan umpteen times without a clear futuristic agenda is of no value or worth.

Honesty and integrity are universal and absolute values from the time immemorial. These values are person specific and an attempt should not be made to relate it to a particular party or leader in a 'holier than thou' manner. As a matter of fact, those who are really honest they stand self-validated in every walk of life through their acts and deeds and seldom need any publicity or antics for public acceptance or support. From the so frequent  public utterances of the leader(s) of a particular political party in this country, it would appear as if only they and their supporters are honest and all others are dishonest and corrupt. Without any doubt, such statements or beliefs are unworthy, misleading and outrageous and people must reject it.

I am amazed, and amused too, when in an open forum a question is raised about the development agenda of a political party, and the leader, like a pre-recorded rehearsed script, simply starts criticizing all potential adversaries branding them dishonest and corrupt all the time or negating all work done by them rather than explaining his own vision and roadmap for the growth and development. It appears ridiculous when an (educated!) politician, at the drop of a hat, tells people that he is out to save nation, that he is not for power or portfolio, and that he would die hundred deaths for the country while his day-to-day acts and deeds speak volumes of otherwise, in a sharp contrast.

Let there be no doubt that you don’t need to discover or define honesty. Instead, the honesty will discover and define if you are indeed honest and well intended. Cheap popular gimmicks and antics may win some instant followers (mostly driven by selfish interests) but in the long run, you are ultimately adjudged by people only through your transparent and well intended acts and deeds.

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