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Initially I thought
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Whatever was written on the whiteboard by her teacher, she might have copied it on her card, as she was being taught to make a Mother's Day card for the Mothering Sunday that was celebrated yesterday (30/03/14)

So I thought that along with the drawing, designing, paper-cutting, she was also taught what all to write just like the other children in her class.

She clarified, No mummy, it was not so.

The teacher had taught them how to make those paper roses but the interior and exterior decoration with pens and pencils was left to their own personal choices so that they could make it personalized with their own thoughts and feelings about how they felt towards their mothers.

This freedom of expression in a formal school setting pleasantly surprised me....and I was really touched by the way my Kochi wrote about me.

Here's a collage of her Mother's Day card that she made for me and brought home this weekend and as if this wasn't enough she even sent me a lovely e-greeting.

Had a wonderful day yesterday with her hugs and kisses and will cherish this day all my life :-)

Besides her favourite hobby of art and craft, she also enjoys reading, writing and listening to music.

Here's a sample of her poems she wrote when she was 9.

Now she's 10 :-)

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Pleasant surprises from people or places we don't expect feel all the more pleasant :-) Aparna Chatterjee

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