Reaction or Response

She is so allergic to house lizards. Whether at home, office or any other place, the mere sight of a lizzard unnerves her. The way she panicks, it often leads to a chaotic situation with involvement of all and sundry around till the lizard is chased away from the sight and reach.

In a way, if you look at it with a rational mind, the presence of a lizard should be an acceptable event because it kills for food several small, and may be harmful too, insects in the surroundings which should be considered as a friendly act by humans.

I ponder on such events and analyze to see to the extent the lizard is responsible for her trouble and histrionics. How come she is so purturbed while I remain so cool and composed in the same situation?

The obvious answer I get, it's not the lizard that is creating trouble. Instead, it's actually her own mind responsible for it becuase of  its inability to cop up with the presence of the lizard in the surrounding.

Same way when you are working at office or at home, you get disturbed and often panicky by shouting or reprimand of the boss, elders and wife or husband. Actually, it is not the problem but mostly your reaction that creates disturbance in your life.

Let us remember the fact that our reactions are instinctive which depending upon its intensity or severity, intantly create a disturbance with or without panick compelling us to act to escape the situation. Instead, for most of the events which are not life threatening, if we learn to a respond rationally, the situation could be salvaged in a better way.

It's so because reactions are always instinctive (and instant) while responses are well thought of actions. By opting to respond, rather than react, one could handle most of the situations without loosing calm and serenity of mind which otherwise may lead to spoiled relationships, losses on account of decisions taken in a fit of anger, anxiety, stress or hurry.

More By  :  Dr. Jaipal Singh

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