The Entire Glass is Full

Worldwide several authors have written books and articles on positive mental attitude leading to positive thinking and living. Spiritual leaders and motivational speakers too lay great emphasis on these things. To illustrate their point, they often narrate a story or incident something like the one below which has many elements of commonality with the derived moral remaining same.

A picnic has been organized by your colleagues and friends. At the venue, the apple juice is served to all the participants.  It so happens that the juice is short of the actual requirements and at this far off location there is no scope to arrange enough juice at the short notice. Accordingly, every member is served with a lesser quantity of juice and their glasses are only half full. Many members crib and disappointed with a sour face.

The author or motivational speaker concludes by saying that you are sour because you visualize your glass is half-empty. Instead, if you could imagine that you have half a glass full of refreshing, delicious and nutritious apple juice to taste and relish, you will start actually enjoying the whole thing. The overlying emphasis is that you should try to look for positive in everything around and that it indeed helps.

Yet this is not the end of it; there is another dimension too. The other day, I was thoroughly impressed with the thinking of the newly elected current Indian Prime Minister. In the meeting of the parliamentary group of the BJP and other allies of the NDA, he narrated a similar story with the difference. He visualized the entire glass full i.e.the half of the glass is full of water and the remaining half is full of air.

This indeed is another and higher dimension of the optimism and hope (for future). Authors, spiritual leaders and motivational speakers on positive mental attitude have not visualized this part in their narratives. In my limited horizon, those who know me also agree that I have a positive attitude and good logic sense but I sincerely concede I could never visualize this part myself. Perhaps here lies the difference and among other qualities that is the reason he is prime minister of this great nation today.

More By  :  Dr. Jaipal Singh

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